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Italy win the world cup

Wonder what the Italian said to zidane. "ere mate I just skiffed your maw"
Wondered how long that would take to show up!

Well done to them, they were the best side.

As an aside, if Zinedine Zidane is bored in the future my Rugby Team would be glad to sign him on. Such head butting skills are only an asset at Blind-Side Flanker.


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We have just spent a month watching players fall over at the slightest of winds as an opposing player went past them. The 'offended' player then acts as though he has just been poleaxed by Cassius Clay or Mohammed Ali, before getting up and carrying on.

Tonight Zidane downed an Eyetie good style and yet the guy springs back up. :cry: WTF is that all about :?

Good game spoiled but hey, this is the World Cup.
On the down side. now the world cups over, will the beer in Asda& Tesco's go up in price. or will I have to rush out and Bulk Buy
Just buy some meths-it has the same effect
Italians deserved to win. Crap attempt at a headbutt from Zidane, no points for targetting - and it was nice to see the French manager have a full blown temper tantrum and all the French supporters have a crap night out.


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sweatysock said:
On the down side. now the world cups over, will the beer in Asda& Tesco's go up in price. or will I have to rush out and Bulk Buy
Sweaty - you obviously ain't been shopping since Ingerlund went out of the compy - the prices were up within 48 hours :cry:
France were robbed, Italy got lucky on penalties.

Up until the sending off France were dominating them.

Italy had ONE shot on target the whole match whilst France had five.

The best team most certainly didnt win.
hurrahfortheRE said:
Cheating f*ckers or the best team in the competition?
With Seri A being investigated for match fixing i'm suprised they were allowed to participate at all!

(The English would have been disqualified had it been the EPL)
Best team in the comp were (gulp) the Argies. Hurts to say but, from a honest - hand - on - heart footy P.O.V, true methinks.

Glad French didn't win, nothing particular I don't like besides the usual Anglo - Frog hatred. Not particularly bothered about Italy being champs either because they've never retained it nor made the knockout stages in subsequent comps after winning it, apart from 1938 - 1950 and thats only cos Hitler and his mates were acting like nobbers.

What I did like was Ze German fans giving Christiano Ronaldo s*it on Saturday night, probably the first and last time I will ever support Ze Germans. Go on Portugal - hateing - German - footy fans!
I for one think its worth getting rid of extra time.

All it is is half an hour of ultra defensive play from both sides.

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