Italy will pull out from Afghanistan starting 2011

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fantassin, Feb 18, 2010.

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  1. Have they run out of money to pay the Taliban off with? 8O (Did I say that? Bad me, bad!!)

    I predict that productivity at HQ ISAF will increase in direct correlation to any reduction in Italian staff officers working/drinking espresso/posing in the gym/styling their goatees/buying sunglasses and perving up females, and their replacement by somebody who gets on with their job..... :)
  2. Interesting, although it seems to be in line with what was agreed at the London Conference in Jan:
    "To develop a plan for phased transition to Afghan security lead, province by province, to begin, provided conditions are met, by late 2010/early 2011"
    In the same soundbyte he also says that he won't rule out the use of Italian troops, if requested, in ops such as Marjah: This would constitutionally be a bit of a step for them.
    I seem to remember Obama saying something similar when he announced the troop uplift.
  3. My Bold, in realistic terms I suspect this is a tall order :?

    Expect to see Taliban spokesman stating they'd driven the Italians out, cynical :roll:
    It'll be interesting to see what other start to follow suit?