Italy pays reparations to Libya for its colonial past . . .

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Biped, Aug 30, 2008.

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  1. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Yes indeedy folks.

    Berlusconi has apologised to Ghadafi for the naughty colonial antics of Italy this century and agreed to pay them $5 billion over the next 20 years.

    The floodgates have now been opened, and who wants to bet that ZANU NL will be falling over itself to grandstand on the issue and offer to pay each of our former colonies a LOT more money as a way of saying sorry.

    Imagine the scenario - ZANU NL do major handwringing exercise and decide that, even though we actually colonised most of the globe, we must all be held accountable and henceforth, Britain will pay $20 billion to each and every country we once ran, thus, finishing the job they started so well - the complete and final destruction of the once-great nation that they despise.

  2. So what about some dosh from the wops for what the Romans got up to over here?
  3. And the Danes, the vikings played merry hell with our womenfolk, some cash off them would be fair too.
  4. A few reasons spring to mind as to why the reporter's speculation is a tad idle.

    First, IIRC, the Italian colonisation of Libya was rather different to that of the British model - they turned up, occupied, fought part of the Second World War there (badly) and then left, leaving nothing but military graves and old kit. Contrast that with the amount of infrastructure left by Britain and (to a lesser extent) France.

    Second, given that the Chancellor has just said that we're about to hit economic meltdown, the government will not wish to start handing over cash beyond the international aid budget to African one-party dictatorships, since this will just about finish them off. Can you imagine the headlines in the Sun? 'War Veteran, dies from NHS cuts as Brown gives Mugabe £5 billion'...

    Third, the international aid budget over the last 40-odd years (or the Dictators' Enrichment Programme as it ought to be known) can be presented as the provision of reparation. If certain nations get chippy give them the choice:

    1. Lump sum now and no more aid. Ever. And Bono and Geldof can * off because they're both Irish popstars who have no right to tell the British government how to spend British taxpayers' money, thank you very much.

    2. No lump sum and aid continues in coming years.

    While NL may handwring over this and have some voices saying 'Good idea, we must', there will be more than enough MPs who place their majority and place in parliament ahead of the supposed well-being of former colonies. Handing over billions in cash when people can't pay their heating bills, etc, etc is a recipie for disaster. They may be a craven bunch when it comes to politically correct causes, but to your average MP, nothing is more PC than their re-election, which handing over billions to African nations would risk placing in serious jeopardy.
  5. I ain't paying you dirty bastards one penny, I figure we're even.

    We gave you plumbing, an alphabet and baths. Because you rarely use the latter isn't our fault!
  6. Well, that's Zimbabwe's national debt paid off. You heard it here first, folks.
  7. Actually, that's a thought...

    'We, the British government, will pay off Zimbawe's national debt as recompense for the colonial era. However, we will only do so when a new President is in office and the current leadershipis placed on trial for the crimes it has committed, since we believe that any compensation provided to the current regime will be embezzeled for its own personal wealth. '

    If the Foreign Schoolboy announced that, I daresay the new govt in Harare would send uncle Bob's head to the FCO by Special Delivery in a week (as proof that he'd gone). Would almost be worth every penny to have that happen...
  8. Or the middle one (at least without breaking into a sweat) if you are a Cockney! (You stupid Spam Twot)
  9. It's not often, if at all Archimedes misses something, but there is a very good reason for us to be paying reparations or aid to Libya and continuing to do so , if we are not already doing so....

    ...and were these reparations from Mussolini's excesses , or back to the time of the Roman Legions?? :D
  10. This isn't about colonial reparations, that's just a cover, it's a bribe by a different name, this it to ease the path of italian companies wanting to move into Libya
  11. It's all down to ice cream,

    Claretta Petacci was smothered in Savini's, Taddy's and Sidoli's al a nice a fresha, come an get it.

    So then wadda she do - she gets wrapped up with the big Moose and when it's all over they end up upside down.

    There you go - Ding a Ling - Oh hell it's Tony Bell, Yippee it's Mr. Whippey - oh balls it's Walls.

    History off a lamp post:
  12. We should get a bit off Saxony too, and Normandy, and France generally, since we had to put up with a load of whinging Heugenots, and I think we should invoice the Isrealis too, afterall where were they when half of Europe's Jewry came a knocking?

    Let's get these invoices out there lads, collect, and bugger off somewhere sunny :)
  13. woooohaaaa there...I just read that Lybia was part of the Ottoman Empire, so why isn't he tapping up the Turks for some folding too?

    I would
  14. Because the Turks response - after they had stopped laughing - would be something along the lines of "Fcuk off, you camel-shagging cnuts!" :lol:

    Still say we should have bombed Gaddaffie Duck and his worthless little sh1te-hole of a country to ashes after Lockerbie... :evil:
  15. Does this mean new liarbour will be compensating US for their colonisation of England with their beloved illegal immigrants?