Italy Offers To Lead UN Force In Lebanon

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. I think for every step they take forward they will run 10 back.
  2. I hear they've surrendered already - just in case.
  3. They should not be allowed, because they crucified Jesus Christ!

    SK :evil:
  4. yes, and they promptly buggered off after that too!
  5. in fact, I wonder if the Jews will want to take revenge for the massacre at Massada :)
  6. Lets hope they can get their apc's in gear.
  7. Let's hope the Italians can climb better than they did at Massada.
  8. interesting point, some say the Eyties topped the Zealots, others say the Zealots topped themselves, in which case, silly Zealots, I say
  9. Italy Offers To Lead UN Force In Lebanon, UN says "Nah, that's ok, you're alright mate, we can manage"
  10. The legend is that after killing the women and children, ten men drew lots to slay the rest. Of these ten one man was picked to kill 9, then he fell on his own sword.
  11. a bit like the last day's in the Fuherbunker

  12. You're all missing the point: this is fantastic news: it finally proves that the French are incompetent muppets who are so feckin useless that even the Italians are a preferable alternative when it comes to putting your troops where your garlic drooling, lying, scumbag french mouth is...

    "Ohh, Zut alors, you americains are all so merde - we can broker a cease fire, mon ami du neocolonialsimme - Ohh mega merde, now we have to provide zee troops to do what we said we would... Gulp, we run away now, yeees??"

    Useless gallic fantasists want to be taken as serious power brokers, but an army of half a million whose only commitment is sunbathing in the south pacific can only find '200' troops... I hope they all die of the mad cow disease they are desperately hiding from the rest of europe in illegal mass bovine graves. Hypocritical turdules, the lot of them.
  13. I don't think you can compare the Furherbunker - that lot scampered away like rats fleeing a sinking ship.

    The IDF Motto (or one of them) is: "Massada will never fall again".

    Legends are only good when you believe them
  14. you should get off the fence and say what you mean mate :safe: