Italians sort out an immigration problem

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by civvygit, Nov 3, 2007.

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  1. I'm not holding my breath waiting for Brooon to exercise some common sense and follow suit.
    Good drills by the italians, more to come I think if they are this fired up.

  2. I can not agree with this knee jerk reaction. However governments need to understand that unless "society" is protected and commom sence over immigration, law and order and all the other key policies become the norm, then there is a real risk of spiralling into some form of facist state. It will happen here unless things change. A sad day for Italy.
  3. The prefect of Rome, Carlo Mosca, said: "I shall sign the first expulsion orders straightaway. A hard line is needed because, faced with animals, the only way to react is with maximum severity."

    I wonder when their ovens are turning up from Germany?
  4. The silly bugger should have committed the crime in this country. He'd have got a few years in a cushty prison then let out to a nice house and benefits.
  5. Hopefully the EU will implode from within. Anyone fancy a move to Switzerland?
  6. I envisioned you as a pinko commie subversive when I read your comments WhiteHorse. But having read the Guardian article, I agree with you.

    This comment caught my eye:-

    How can this be legal? I thought EU citizens could reside in any EU country. This was one of the reasons giving for not deporting the Italian scrote who has just been parolled after serving time for murdering his headmaster. If the Italians can deport EU nationals, why can't we?
  7. Probably because our Government is a bunch of EU bumlicking spineless wankers.
  8. This is an Italian Knee jerk reaction.

    Yes there is film of Police cutting down the Romanian camp sites and also a few might be deported .

    Then by Monday it will be calm and no body will bother anymore.

    The Law has been made and it so justice has been seen to have been carried out- it won't be maintained though.
  9. Why did they allow a shanty town to exsist in the first place ?If there is a job we need people to do let them in .And I am sure we can give asylum to some (Particulary if they go on to form the new government when the old one gets overthrown bae needs the exports :twisted: )
    But letting people who were living in a shithole move here to live on the streets just seems cruel .
  10. Possibly because we're the only buggers dumb enough to actually enforce and obey every single piece of EU law, regardless of it's effect on the UK.
  11. Indeed. Where do you think the deported Romanians will head to next? We'll no doubt find ourselves granting 'asylum' to other EU citizens.
  12. You should not confuse Italy with Britain. We wouldn't because we are so used to gesture politics. This is a good stick to distract people from their latest government change.

    Tough on Crime Tough on the Romanians? :roll:
  13. Why are so many people AGAINST the meaningful punishment of wrong-doers?

    I agree with the poster who hopes the European Soviet Union IMPLODES.

    If a British politician had the guts to declare that he, or she, would really punish crime, and, ignore the limp-wristed pleas for mercy, and, AND, declare that the EU would be binned, they would walk into government.

    Sadly, since Mrs. Thatcher, we have not had a British politico with balls!
  14. I am certainly in support of the initiative - it just appears a bit knee jerk is all!