Italians run away as Russians invade

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Aug 15, 2007.

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  2. All the gear, no idea.

    New Russians: money cannot buy class.

  3. same thing in Greece this year....

    some are really vulgar
  4. Maybe the Italians should get the Finns to visit-that'd send the Russians packing
  5. Yep. Did some out of season training on the Kitzsteinhorn Glacier and the nearest towns (Kaprun and Zell am See) were full of Russians.

    Locals hate them.
  6. Russians don't travel well.
  7. Russians don't do very much well, except maybe assassinating ex agents. :oops:
  8. Their prostitutes are second to none.
  9. OK I'll have to bow to your wider experience on that one. :D Although I did bang a Rooskie once, good shag but no tits. 8O
  10. try a female one next time
  11. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Italian mafia running to the hills when the nouveau-rich Russian mafia roll up and buy a hotel. Who'd have thought it?
  12. [​IMG]




    There are mr.Shadybin (former communist MP, taxi-driver, famous for his specific 'humour'). Ms. Hakamada (ethnically half Japanese, former democratic MP, a candidate on the last presidential elections, won 4%).
  13. Since when do the locals hang around when there isn’t a buck to be made from the dumb ARRSE tourists? Moreover, who wants their private life spoilt by a bunch of obnoxious heathens? The Krauts have been ruining Rimini for years. It’s long been somewhere Italians don’t go. You go to north Italy you get the tourist version. You want more you need to be invited, and money won’t do it. It can be a bit staggering to discover how many locals could buy and sell you several times over from petty cash. :wink:

    This comment probably made the Tele because the writer and his mates go to Tuscany after it was endorsed by Phoney Blair and his freeloading ventures. Actually it’s been the fashionable British venue for years. People go there and think they know Italy like others go to New York and think they know America. :roll:

    ”Italian mafia running to the hills when the nouveau-rich Russian mafia roll up and buy a hotel. Who'd have thought it?”

    ????…….Apparently only you squire, entirely wrong part of the country, though some Russians may find some of their flock being replaced by invoices? 8O :lol: