Italians... great blokes or useless tossers: discuss.

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by error_unknown, Mar 16, 2005.

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  1. Having spent some time, along with OldSnowy, enjoying the 'support' of our Italian allies on Telic 2 I have mixed feelings on the news that they are going to pull out of Iraq. On the one had I'm pleased because as far as I recall, they didn't do a single worthwhile thing - apart from give me some free wine - during the entire time I was there; on the other, it means fewer of them will be killed and maimed.

    I would welcome the input of fellow Arrsers in the great Italian debate: just what is the point of them?
  2. I actually quite like the Italians. They're crap but they know they are. They make no pretence of being anything other than useless, and don't constantly go on about the good old days of the Roman Empire. They love their footy, the girls dress like hookers and given the option they'd rather just hang out looking good (which fair play to them they often manage). Their Government is so obviously corrupt that the head man just passes any law he feels like, especially those that profit him personally - bit like ours but he doesn't even try to pretend that he's not doing it.

    You can't beat apathy as a way to live your life. There military I will accept have probably gone backwards (pun intended) since WW2. But they don't care.

    Good luck to 'em!
  3. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    This is crying out for a Poll - I'd add one if I were technically able....

    My vote, of course, goes to the uselss tossers camp :)
  4. They always made me laugh on every single G3 update call at dark o'clock in the morning when they announced theirselves as "Garibaldi Brigade - ("gary-BALDY brigade" with emphasis on BALDY) no updates".

    That was worth a chuckle and even made the staff grin.

    Nice headress though
  5. Worked with them before. More laid back than the Dutch. Very welfare orientated, wouldn't let thier guys live in any old dump. Bit like the SPAMS in that they bring Italy to the theatre, nice coffees, great food, nice wine etc.

    Posing b*stards though. Even thier cook looked like a pop star, shade's, pack of tabs up the tee shirt sleeve.

    I'd like to have joined the Italian Army..........but I'm too ugly and I still dress like it's the '80s.
  6. Spent some time last year with the Italians. Met a bewildering array of "special forces" and policemen. Great blokes, but what a bunch of t*rts!
    Never seen so many different styles of DPM. The Carabinnieri did like sunglasses and tight t-shirts, the Army conducted vehicle patrols like ram-raiders and couldn't undertsand why the locals got p*ssed off with them. The Navy didn't have a lot to do(not surprising really), but did have PINK combats and not tactical PINK, Julian Clary PINK!
    The locals took to calling them the peacocks! Lots of horror stories, but as blokes they were a laugh. Took themselves far too seriously, always rucking with each other, but you got beer and wine in the mess all times of day and night. Also got the worst case of the trots I've ever had from the same mess and had the delights of the Italian Med Centre.
    Every thing in Italy is accompanied by coffee and snout!
    All that aside, once you get to know them good blokes, but they dont kid themselves about being good soldiers! The Portugese GNR on the other hand were thoroughly professional and excellent lads. The Romanians were sh*t and just there to make up the numbers and go on the gate at night (the Italians didn't seem to like doinf that).
  7. Sod the blokes i want to see pics of Italian women in their army! 8)
  8. Trust me, gunner, you feckin don't!

    Coming to the end of a strange 19 months in Italy, I can look back and think 'fcuk me - I wish we'd got a Northern European Treaty going'. I now have some hewge issues with so many nations - mostly of the Med type.

    However, there are some utterly sharp Italian troops out there. Mountain types are pros on the whole and some great ones do rise. Please do remember that they only just stopped conscription in the Italian Forces. We all know that if you have so much of your effort tied up into looking after snotty scrotes (for less than 1 yr) that couldn't get an exemption, then you're not going to be polished.
    Caribinieri - just another of the many police forces here. :roll: They are world leaders at smoking tabs, watching girls, driving badly, drinking coffee, shirking and believing that because they uphold the law they are above the law.
  9. What!!??? Italy is toppers with essence birds. You telling me none of 'em make their way into uniform?? That's beyond tragic. :(
  10. as i stated in a previous post , which i'm too much of a biff to link to

    Italian women are a ticking biological time bomb , they fall into two categories , the sylph like dusky gorgeous babe ..... who turns into a 30 stone bingo winged mostachioed munter

    or the sylph like dusky gorgeous bird who ends up looking like donatella versace .... a f*cking munter made out of brown shoe leather.

    tread carefully mate.
  11. Awol - two points for you:

    1. He is probably the criminal.

    2. If you saw an unshaven man dressed like that, with a gun, you'd probably avoid him too!

    Firenze is nice - try further south - away from the tourist areas. Nasty.

    Shortfuse - technical term for what you describe is the 'Pastabomb' - explodes in early 30s in the birds. Either that or they become the other type - shoe leather & 100 tabs a day to stay thin - skin or lung cancer will kill them.
  12. of course they are...He's airborne..(Note the "nearly" pegasus on his hat?) only experience of carabinieri was in Kosovo.....posing twats with very nice scarves....but the birds with scarves and small arms and FMB's..whhhahhhhh. "These boots were made for walking....etc"

  13. I heard about a section of elite Italian mountain troops having to be rescued during Cambrian a few years ago. apparently they got lost :s