Italians Bin Reality TV


Finally, a TV station with the balls to stop broadcasting rubbish and not interested in a fast buck.

Italians Bin Reality TV

How long before the UK broadcasters takes this line and stops showing drivel, which IMHO is going some way to the degradation of society today?

No more Jade Goodys, no more vacuous bubble heads desperate for their 15 minutes of fame bombarding us for weeks on end. Heaven.



I have always thought that their should be one last relaity TV show.

It will be called "Beat all the stupid sods up with big sticks and then bury them...."

The concept is simple. Gather all the previous reality TV stars together (and anyone willing to appear in the future) in a disused quarry and then invite all ARSER's to beat them up with big sticks and then blow the sides of the quarry up, and it burys them... simple....


In our gaffe any program with the word reality or celeb in the title elicits a reach for the remote and a trawl for a documentary. Unfortunately the long haired q man insists on certain soaps appearing so into my home office I go and surf arrsse or other intersting sites. I have just reinstated sky sports, not for the quality of football coverage but because the wife hates footy on the tv!
There is a reality TV show about some Italian's bin? Fantastic - I, for one, wil be tuning in to see whether the discarded gnocchi gets on with the remains of last night's tagliatella di castagna - let's hope he doesn't put any chicken passanda left overs in there or we could have a re-run of the whole Big Brother racist thing.

What will Channel 4 think of next?


Visiting Italy frequently, have to say there's nothing particular on their TV that I make any effort to see, except some footy games, but then again I don’t go to watch TV. They do love their debate shows where almost anything gets dissected, probably an extension of their café culture, but it’s encouraging to hear they’re dumping moron TV.

Re television, I long resided myself to the back benches as I failed to see the place of a programme among the concepts of entertain, inform and educate, where the object is just to watch a bunch of non entities performing none of the above? Not saying it doesn’t have a place – somewhere – as apparently there are local channels (US) which show nothing more than a log fire burning or a fish tank. However, these are located in backwaters, not prime time network.

Years back, BC – before computers - an edition of the original 'Mad' magazine ran some spoof ads including one for an LP, (large vinyl audio disc to be played at 33rpm on a record player - for those not up on ancient technology), where; 'Elmer Birkoff tells long pointless stories and fumers'. But that was a joke???



War Hero
I do a lot of travelling late at night and like to turn the box on for an hours wind down after a long drive. If it's not a shee'ite reality tv programme it's a bloody rip off quiz thingy. After years of being too tight for sky etc I've finally made the plunge and gone for Virgin Media..ahhhhh the discovery channels, National Geographic, Eurosport etc etc

Can't wait.


In last year's Grande Fratello, the eccentric musician Guido Genovese was ejected from the house after using arguably the worst curse available in the Italian language (an expression which literally translates as 'pig God').
Cazzi tua!!! Porca miseria!!! The Wops are getting as bad as everybody else with their political correctness. Anybody who's been to Italy knows that curses are part and parcel of everyday life there.

I studied there and if "il professore" had difficulty hearing what a student was saying, nobody batted an eyelid when he said: "Spiacente, ma non ho sentito un cazzo" - which is the equivalent of saying: "Sorry, I didn't hear a fückin' thing".

Still, it's at least a good thing they've made a start with ditching all that gunge. It might give ideas to other countries.


PS. The expression is "porco dio" and it's not nearly as "bad" as the article makes out.

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