Italian soccer and the St Georges Cross

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Virgil, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. I was came across Italian soccer--a very wimpy sport for ladyboys unlike say the Rugby codes-- on satellite here in the States and noticed some Eytie team with the cross on their uniform. Well it was their uniform. What's the story there?
  2. that would be inter milan
  3. Sixty

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    It's the symbol of Bologna and Milan (hence it appearing on their football shirts).

    Edit: The Milanese flag [​IMG]
  4. Why the red cross on Inter Milan shirt?

    In the Fascist era in Italy, the name Internazionale was not looked upon well and the club became Ambrosiana. During this time they wore white shirts with a red cross on them. Initially founded as Internazionale in 1908, the reverted back to their original name in 1942.
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  6. Interesting answers, I did figure out it was Milan. Thanks for the links.
  7. Ah, you Americans, I believe, play helmet Rugby.
  8. Sixty

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  9. You should also note that AC Milan were formed by an Englishman, hence even in Italy where the city is known as Milano, the team is known as Milan, the English way.

    Also, some moron of an Islamic Turkish Lawyer has taken Inter to court for the cross shirt that they wore in Turkey, proclaiming it "un-Islamic"

  10. The college version of 'helmet rugby' aka American football--NCAA Division I type--is one of the great joys of my life. If you ever visit the U.S. during the college football season try to get to see a large university team play another--a real experience. Well worth the effort.

    The Pro game NFL Superbowl in two weeks; New England Patriots versus the New York Giants. New England this year may be the best team to ever play the game.

    This is the first year, thanks to the internet and satellite TV, I've been able to follow the Rugby World Cup and watch 'Sydney Story' about Russell Crowe's purchase of an Aussie league team. All of which led me to learning the difference between league and union. Both are fun sports and would be popular off-season for American football players if promoted better here.
  11. Good for you. Did you watch any Aussie rules?

    Nah, they might get hurt :crying: . Although they could probably run a bit faster if they weren't carrying half a M1 Abrams around with them.

    Edited for general early-morning mongness.
  12. About fifteen years ago ESPN--the main all sports channel here--would play Aussie rules at 3am. For years you'd be up late or up drunk and watch that crazy game. Unfortunately that ended about five or so years ago. Now there's the odd channel showing Gaelic football.

    To be fair to the American footballers, the Pro boys are about the size of M1 tanks. The NE Patriots offensive line averages something like 6'4" 305 lbs while many of the running backs and other specialty players were track stars.