Italian Parachute Brigade "FOLGORE" in A-stan

The paratroopers of Folgore Brigade are in A-stan yet for three months, and I think that they are a good job (they are the best conventional light infantry brigade in Italian Army, and I hope to will be an officer in this brigade).
The Folgore is formed by 3 paratroopers infantry regiments:
-183rd "Nembo" regiment
-186th and 187th "Folgore" regiments
one egineers regiment (train to re-build up bridges and road but also as anti IED/EOD):
-8th "Folgore" regiment
and two special regiments
-9th "Col Moschin" regiments (the Special Forces of Italian Army)
the trooper of this regiment are hard train to HAHO/HALO procedures, diving, fast drive, IED/EOD, sniping, trasmitions, CQB and hostage rescue (but there is a specific regiment in the carabinieri or military police), and other special procedures.
-185th acquisition objective regiment, this regiment is meanly train to LRRP and GLTD.
if you have an opinion on this italian unit, expecially fr its eploy in Afghanistan, write here
Do you still jump spread-eagled?

very dashing I always thought.
I've yet jump with the Association of Italian Paratroopers but (unlikely) I didn't jump by a military plane (like C130 or C27J) when in the past was possible

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