Italian monarchy – don’t mention the war

According to a Reuters news release, which most news orgs appear to quote for their info, a lawyer for the House of Savoy has written to the Italian government asking for damages of ”at least” 260 mil Euros for breaching the human rights of the family for their exile after WWII.


After WWII, King Victor Emmanuel III abdicated in favour of his son, Umberto II, in an attempt to placate National descent with the monarchy. This measure did not advert a referendum narrowly electing to abort the monarchy and institute a Republic. Realistically, VE III is not seen as evil or bad, rather unfit for purpose and having failed his country. He ruled at the time of Mussolini’s accession to power in 1922, and while the Fascists manipulated and mutilated the establishment, and took Italy into WWII in 1940. And finally, he deserted Rome in 1943 leaving the Armed Forces (of which he of course was technically CinC) without direction. True he did not have great stalwarts beside him, such as Cavour and Garibaldi, like his ancestor in the previous century when Italy was liberated and unified, but realistically he was simply no breastplate warrior with balls of steel.

The family are now allowed into Italy, and the first visit took place four years ago. Per the article, it’s not about money as any award with go to charity and the family are not exactly ‘hard up’, so it begs the question ‘what’s it for’? As also stated, the PM's office remarked Italy could counter file for historic damages? Seems if it goes ahead it’ll be a ‘run forever’ case with only the lawyers coming out ahead – presumably the court would be Brussels? :roll:


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