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Italian military rifles


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I'm just looking at what rifles I'm going to ask for on my FAC application. I want a WW1 or 2 rifle and was thinking Lee Enfield. But for various reasons I'm also looking at the Cacarno rifles. Has anyone got any experience of these, good or bad?
I've used a Carcano in 8 x57mmIS, converted to the standard German round for the Volkssturm, it had later been adapted for civilian use, new Butler Creek all weather stock and a decent 8X56 Zeis pig glass on top. The rifle shot very well, 22mm group at 100meters and that with Norma Vulkan an open nosed bullet. I don't know to what extent the: action, safety, and trigger had been reworked by German gunsmiths, but mine was very smooth and made little noise. It was my bad weather pig gun until I got an all weather Zastava M98 in .375 H&H.
Had 2 carcanos back in the 1980's. one was a Truppo spezial with the folding bayonet and fixed rear sight. Other was the JFK version(91/38). The Speziali had the annoying habit of the bolt stop failing and the bolt coming out of the receiver while working the action. IIRC I paid less than 75$ for both, wound up giving both away to a Buddies father. One of the friends Who owns our shooting land has a Modelo 38 in 7.35 that is surprisingly well maintained and accurate. he gets his ammo from Norma and Old Western Scrounger. I would pass it up for a Springfield or Mauser, or a Nice No.4 or even a Jap type 99

I dont like how the safety works on Carcanos, nor the mush of the triggers


There was a good lecture on arcanos at the BSA last year, I may have the notes to hand but that said there were some nice rifles built. I did like the 6.5 carbine and the magazines were very nice. The salerno method of sleeving the 10.4mm Vetterli with a 6.5 Barrel was interesting if I am polite and downright scary if I am honest!
Shot a TS carbine one at 200m and failed to make contact with the 4' frame... It was loaded with 6.5 Swede bullets that are a touch undersize for it, but really... It was also stiff, the bolt handle doesn't have enough leverage, and the clips are unreliable.
Mike Yardley did an article on the Carcarno to accompany a Discovery Channel documentary on the Kennedy assassination. As I recall of the two or three rifles they tested accuracy for a handful of shots was good but they then required re-zeroing. Can't remember why though.
The conclusion was that Oswald would have been able to get off the required number of aimed shots, provided it was freshly zeroed, but no more and that the US marines that tested his weapon but couldn't hit anything missed a trick by not re-zeroing.
I have seen 2A1's listed as having ten or twelve round magazine capacity, yours lookslike a ten rounder.
Has anybody ever seen a twelve round capacity Indian magazine?


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It's a 12 round mag. It's not much bigger than a standard .303, so I suspect it's something to do with rimless rounds. It's a bit pointless when you use stripper clips of 5 rounds though.

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