Italian Language Courses and ELC

I'm trying to learn Italian. I have made some fairly good progress with various methods, but it is time to get serious and crank up the intensity...

Does anybody know of a training provider, dealing in Italian courses, who is registered with ELCAS (ie to recieve ELC)

Thanks in advance.
I think OU do one.

They are registered with ELCAS and you'd get points towards a HE qual.
I am not sure what ELCAS etc is but when you leave the Army and wish to continue Perugia University does an intensive summer Italian course for different levels, which is cheap, with student accommodation.

Me I am tripping over irregular Italian verbs at present.
Is it anywhere near the campsite in florence (near the statue of David) that s fantastic and full of gap year types... bit like hostel but without hte bloodshed and creepyfcukers.
Sorry to say but no chocolate_frog, 100 ks down the road. Florence has loads of language schools but are pretty pricey.
I wouldnt bother with the ELCAS they are up their own arses, I tried to do a course but the regional bird who decides said its not in the Army's best interests, even thou it was an ELCAS credited provider, so unless Italian is something to do with your job or your on resettlement then they will shoot you down. ELCAS is a joke to be honest.
Oh, well. Bit too old for that game now I suppose.

I visited florence for the Easter festivities. In the delightful company of some lovely ladies from around the world, some not so lovely and some blokes...

Saw the fireworks display on e wheels though!

Think of one of those £5 light once, lots of fireworks jobs but... fcuking awesome.

Cart the size of a caravan, pulled by four cows (they get moved :D ) then a streak goes in to the cart, and off you go... about 10 minutes and not a 'ooohhhh' or 'aahhhhh' to be heard (heathens).

Fire brigade make sure it's all safe before it gets moved off after.

The campsite has some nice 'adult' areas too. But you can pop in to the gap year area and soak up the ambience and long for youth (probably).
What course are you using philc? I have Rosetta Stone (which I think is excellent) and back it up with Buongiorno Italia - which I can listen to in the car - and various other books, websites etc.

I left in 2007 and it is my understanding that the rules for what courses you can do with ELC are slightly different when you are out.
I have Rosetta Stone, I have found it useful for general pronunciation of words and phrases and the BBC Italianissimo which I started with. I am fortunate that my local commune has started a free years course as well, this has helped with all the verbs and there structures. The class is a mix of Eastern Europeans, North Africans and a few brits and is conducted only in Italian so you need to have the basics before you start.

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