Italian killed escorting Brit Convoy

This was on the Italian news last night and in all the papers this morning:

Iraq – attack on Italians. One dead, four wounded

A remote-controlled bomb has been used to attack an Italian patrol from the Sassari Brigade. The dead soldier has been named as Caporal Maggiore Alessandro Pibiri, 25, from Cagliari, serving with the 152nd Infantry Regiment.
Another soldier, Caporal Maggiore Luca Daga, 28, also from Sardinia was seriously wounded in the attack and is critical. Three other soldiers were less seriously wounded.
The eplosion occurred at 21.35 (local) [5 May] as the troops in a VM90 were escorting a British logistic convoy from Maysan province to Tallil.
Sources say that the bomb was ‘rudimentary but of a standard type and not a hollow-charged’.

Commiserations to his family and friends.

He died doing a good job.


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