Italian Judge frees rapists because victim was too ugly to be raped.

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repulsive and anyone getting an erection at her picture is a sad, sick individual, oh hang on this is arrse?
an erection!!! my testicles are currently bouncing against my lungs they shot back up so quickly...….not to mention the turtle has gone back into its shell
You can’t imagine this getting raped anywhere

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I bet you would, if you were inside for 25 years, with no prospect of release, and your only friend was Purple Aki. You might feel terrible afterwards for having wantonly performed degrading acts with Dianne Abbot, you'd feel the guilt gnawing at you. I know what you would be thinking, for there is a pattern of thought behind every action - you know it would only be a matter of time before she revealed the secret and showed others where, on the teddy bear, you touched her. The Powers That Be would deem it more than a simple mistake, a simple lapse of judgement. What would you do?
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