Italian Judge frees rapists because victim was too ugly to be raped.

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Anger in Italy as men cleared of rape because victim was 'too masculine'

Italian protests over men cleared of rape because woman was 'too masculine'

In this PC world it is almost refreshing to find that there are still bastions of outright predjudice and stupidity.
However it did occur to me that this would be almost impossible to pin on a British squaddie whose penchant for shagging anything up to and including a grzzly bear lookalike, (and perhaps even the real thing) is sometimes the stuff of legend. The pride of being able to recount to your mates how you managed to do the deed with such a maiden would be difficult to beat.

Anyway I bring this news to the attention of my fellow arrsers. (It was in the news here, -Catalonia- so apologies if it was in the news there as well. I did search.)


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The judges – who were all female – drew their conclusions from a photograph of the woman and because the defendants said they were not attracted to her, with one registering the victim’s number in his mobile phone under the name “Viking”.
Is "Go ugly early" a real expression in the UK? I heard it once on a Top Gear episode and somehow it still stuck in my mind!
Yep. Had a sgt in the company in the late 70s who was a major exponent of the art whenever away from home.
He reckoned it not only made success much more certain but it saved cash as you didn't have to buy booze enough to get up the courage.
A true hero.
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