Italian Journalist Daniele Mastrogiacomo captured by Taliban

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by EX_STAB, Mar 6, 2007.

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  1. John Nichol the ex-pilot?$467648.htm

    This thread was "British Journalist John Nichol captured by Taliban"
    It is now apparent that the initial report was wildly inaccurate:

    Link as above.

    In light of this new information I've changed the title of the thread.
  2. Ex-Navigator

    It would seem to be another John Nichol.
  4. Ex-Journalist
  5. Thanks PTP too. My mistake. Wonder who he is though?
  6. Might well be soon...
  7. Apart from being a good line there is another interesting point to this.

    Osama said, in late 2001 to the taliban/AQ/Bandits, that anyone killing a journo would receive $30,000 (or similar).

    Obviously, if this Jounro gets slotted sooner rather than later doesn't it indicate the level of compliance to AQ/Osama in the country, as opposed to if he's ransomed etc which would indicate lawlessness?

    Not that I'm int cell but it could indicate something…

    Or did Osama change his mind and learn to love Journo's?
  8. Crass comment, get a grip.
  9. come on stripey, where's your mordant squaddy's sense of humour...
  10. Question to be raised is how many troops' lives will be put at risk trying to rescue this idiot. Why do they think that they are god and can go where they want when they want. They never think of the bigger picture. Myself, let them rot teach those following up to think of what they are doing.
  11. Agree the sentiment but hope the guy gets out of there alive.
  12. I can't see any reason for sending troops to rescue him. I've travelled in dangerous parts of the world and it never occurred to me that if I got kidnapped that British Armed forces should rescue me.
  13. Senior Taliban are becoming extremely media friendly. Mullah Dadullah almost has a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph with the amount of coverage he gets.

    Apparently he loves journalists, but couldn't manage a whole one.....
  14. Poor bugger.
  15. Usual accurate media reporting. Not British or called John Nichol, but an Italian Journalist. Lets hope he is set free soon

    See here.