Italian investigation blames US troops inexperience & stress

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stoatman, May 3, 2005.

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    I've seen pictures of the car posted somewhere - can't remember where - but there are few holes in it & it looks like a perfectly executed shoot-to-stop, with a nice cluster of holes in the driver's side of the windscreen. If anyone has the piccies handy, could they post them please?
  2. Found them:



    And something else interesting:
  3. Just goes to prove all the conspiracy theorists were well out on this one!

    So much for 30mph and 3-400 bullets lodged in the car. Never trust a lefty eyetie journo.
  4. They had a satellite on station watching that road?
  5. PTP, The spy satellites are in low-earth orbit & will be configured so that they are passing over Iraq as much as possible. It's not totally outside the realms of possibility that one was coming over the relevant area at the right time.
  6. Not sure if it adds anything to the thread (as I can't be arrsed to check it all out), but the following site links through to the 'blacked out' sections that weren't.

    full report
  7. Actually PTP it was a UAV. Remember that Ambassador Negoroponte was due to pass through that area prior to the incident.
  8. Ahhhhh thanks Tom 6 . A UAV is very believable.
  9. Italian authors of the report make a big thing of that fact that the incident was ' cleaned up' in a ' rash and hurried' manner..

    The 'subject car ' and the military vehicles were removed before their positions could be marked or investigators could arrive:
    " That made it impossible to technically reconstruct the event, to determine the exact position of the vehicles and measure the distances, and to obtain precise date defining the precise trajectory of the bullets, the speed of the car and the stopping distance " [ translation of offical Italian document ]

    Authorities claim that the Americans' temporary check point offered no signs, bright cones, concertina wire or anything else to warn drivers they were approaching a checkpoint.

    US authorities claim that the troops didgive warning with bright lights and firing of warning shots [ though not where those 'warning shots' were aimed ]..

    conspiracy or incompetence?
  10. Are there any bullet holes in the roof?
  11. No bullet holes in the roof.
  12. The Italians screwed their operation up by not communicating with the CF HQ. This omission setup up the checkpoint incident. After all they paid a huge ransom for the journalist. The vehicle was speeding at a high rate of speed which reduced the reaction time of the troops at the checkpoint.
  13. Let's face it - wop driver meets yank soldier - a more excitable combination is hard to imagine. It was bound to end in tears ...
  14. Thanks!

    This place is very intersting: