Italian football hit by another crisis

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by drain_sniffer, Feb 3, 2007.

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  1. You know that this would not be the solution...

    Punish them, really punish them and play without audience for a while

    But then again there is the question about the sponsors……….

    Idiots that’s what they are! Just stupid beep idiots...

    It’s no more about the game……..just violence
  2. If this had been in the UK we would be banned from European competition.
  3. Shocking but not really surprising, I attended a Serie A game last year and it was a hair-raising experience to say the least.

    Mobs of ultras running amok, laughable security and org, falling attendances, crumbling stadia, corruption scandals aplenty...Italian football is worse than pre-Heysel England at the mo.

    UEFA should give em the boot if they dont get their house in order.

    RIP to the copper though.
  4. Very funny how it's almost commonplace for European teams to have crowd trouble, and the authorities seem to drag their heels before acting under extreme duress. As mentioned before, if this had happened in Britain we'd be shot down in flames from the word go, with closed door matches and expulsions flying all over the place.

    Italy have a proven track record of violence, disorder and hatred. Ban the f*ckers now. Every day without a verdict is a crime in itself.
  5. My mother, brother and cousins were visiting family in Italy two years ago. During a local game fans from the opposing team came through town. They were stunned at the level of violence and still talk about it.

    My aunt called this morning from Italy and said that in her town ALL soccer teams, even schools and private clubs, had ceased playing. She commented that this weekend the men went fishing, hunting or were actually doing work around the house.
  6. Spot on! The ultra really are a fucking nightmare out there.
  7. I was at the Rome derby between Roma and Lazio, which makes even the Old Firm rivalry look tame.

    We were herded in like sardines, half the fans werent even supposed to be there, they just forced their way in!

    The ultras were baiting each other the whole match and afterwards the trouble really kicked off. Some guy three rows down got stabbed, there were cars overturned, burning tyres, riot police in full armour...we had to run for it to get away from it all, it was like fecking Belfast circa 1972!

    The cops over there are just unwilling, or unable to get to grips with the hardcore fans.

    But the Rome derby....highly recommended if you want to taste fear!