Italian democracy vs Russian democracy.

KGB_resident said:

The Italian opposition leader Romano Prodi says concerns over impartiality have forced him to refuse to take part in a live television debate with his main rival, Silvio Berlusconi.
Mr.Berluskoni in fact controls the whole Italian TV, State-run one as a PM, and main private channel as an owner.

Is it a democracy? Is it a good example for new-born Russian democracy?
Russia is not a democracy but a Mafiaocracy
Is Italy a democracy ? yes, is it a particulary healthy one? most likely not, should Russia emulate Italy? I doubt they could end up worse than they are now if they tried;)
olongapo said:
Russia is not a democracy but a Mafiaocracy
You are absolutely right (and not only Russia).

For Berlusconi, the red flag should be a warning. The media tycoon says it is an historic fact that communists have eaten babies. "In Mao's China," he told an election rally, "they boiled them to fertilize the fields."
Probably mr.Berluskoni was encouraged by the cartoon in Independent.

The Independent's cartoonist Dave Brown has won the Political Cartoon of the Year award for a controversial depiction of Ariel Sharon apparently eating a Palestinian baby a day before the Israeli elections.

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