Builds Italeri 1/72 scale Westland Wessex HU 5

exhaust deffo bare metal. Slightly coppery when new, but brown like a car exhaust very quickly.
I'll go with that used look on the exhaust for sure.
exhaust pipe starboard.jpg


I don't recall seeing them with blades folded at Shawbury. When they came in the main servicing hangar the blades were removed and stored normally 2 Wessex in base hangar on servicing along with 4 Gazelles.
There were 2 hangars for ones not being deep serviced, one for Gazelles one for Wessex .
Students started on Gazelle line then progressed to Wessex line where they also trained loadmasters.
As a tech I had plenty of flights in Gazelles and a couple in Wessex.
There is a Wessex gate guard at Shawbury plus one in RAF museum at Cosford.
In that case I'll have to do it as one in the Andrew, rotor blades "out" takes up a crazy amount of wasted space, so either do a crashed one or rotor blades folded on, have decals for both, so there we are. I'm beginning to remember why I don't do Wirly Birds very often.
rotors incorrectly mounted.jpg
As far as I know, all marks had folding blades.


They do, the one in Cosford museum had its blades folded as its up on side of the hangar.They didn't normally fold them in the Wessex hangar at Shawbury as there was plenty of room. I think they had 12 Wessex and 20 plus Gazelles in my time there. 2 Wessex normally in base hangar on servicing.
I worked on avionics, it was a tight squeeze down the Wessex tail to get at some aerial connectors and wiring, me being quite big! Enjoyed working on choppers after previously being on Jaguar.
I believe the Wessex were ex Gutersloh having been replaced by Chinook.
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the rotor blade holder.

first two blades secured both ends

three blades on, turned at the correct angle
third blade secured.jpg

two blades to port two blades to starboard, how they should look, now I can make the finer details like the ratchet strap and lower clamps.
forth blade on.jpg
decal disaster, they are a few years old, they broke up as soon as I tried to use them. So I'll order replacements and place this back in the stash in the loft.
disasterous decals.jpg

I have a inspired new idea on how to display a waterline model ship using painted glass a bit like the Ripley model, I happen to have a waterline kit in the stash.
Getting helicopter undercarriage to do its thing is a mystery to me. I fail 90% of the time. Perhaps there is some special glue out there.
there's only one way for something like that where the weight of the whole model rests on a thin scale structure, early fit, before any paint goes on, bare plastic welds together really well with liquid glue, early on in the build, well before the instructions suggest. even before the fuselage halves go together maybe.

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