It would have been funnier if it was IDS in the car

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by BounceBanana, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Whitstable man Jonathan Elliott admits charging at Prince Charles's car at Archbishop of Canterbury enthronement

    The man bound over to keep the peace is on "Incapacity and Disablement benefits". Clearly he is capable of work as a leaflet distributor and sometime crash dummy.

    It seems that "Dude" has no sense of irony concerning the use of the word "Parasite".

    If he got through the ATOS (btw they are parasites) work capability assessment it would be interesting to know how. As hundreds of thousands of genuinely disabled people are being kicked off incapacity and put on lowest rate ESA.

    I imagine IDS is dodging phone calls from the Archbishop of Canterbury direction. And from Cameron in case he too wants to ask how much it is costing to impose benefits austerity. Perhaps if IDS listens to his messages he could get Dude of Whitstable re-processed by ATOS ?
  2. Thank goodness Kent plod were so quick off the mark and able to prevent this turning nasty.
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  3. I could only 'Like' as there's no 'Snigger' button.

    Can we have a 'Snigger' button?
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  4. I'll take any praise I can get,even from total strangers.
  5. The 'like' button is a 'snigger' button. If it was genuinely a 'like' button I would feel a little left-handed.
  6. i'll agree that there's nothing so ironic as a parasite claiming things he clearly doesn't need in order to protest at others he views as parasitical

    hopefully he will be barred from claiming incapacity benefits of any sort for the foreseeable future, and with any luck bounced for failing to notify them of a change in condition that equated to his eligibility ceasing in that clearly he's capable of taking part in a quasi political protest handing out leaflets without a carer in sight......clearly has nothing wrong with him and should be charged for defrauding the benefits system!!!!!
  7. Watching him being interviewed, I'd say he needs every bit of help he could possibly get.
  8. What? Catholic, you mean? Myself, I'm a Seventh Day Non-Conformist: I don't give a shit on a Sunday.
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  9. all I got from it was he's a bit simple, being simple doesn't preclude employment it just limits the opportunities, clearly if he's capable of standing trial without specialist help, capable of taking part in a protest handing out leaflets and rushing towards oncoming traffic in order to make sure his protest isn't ignored by the bigwigs then he's perfectly capable of rational thinking, the fact he's big and somewhat lacking on the intelligence front just means he's suited to more manual repetitive tasks, it doesn't make him unfit for work nor does it make him eligible for disability benefits, hopefully people like that will be reassessed in the near future to ensure that saving are made (of course that's what he's been told already hence why he was on the streets protesting in the first place) under disability payments to scroungers who have the temerity to steal oxygen from the rest of the world without the good sense to realise there far worse than anyone they are protesting about!