IT within the royal signals

Hi all, I am interested in gaining more experience with IT kit and am a little confused, on the website army careers their is the following roles:


Installation Technician

systems engineer technician

but when I went to speak to the careers advisor for the TA at local careers office who is part of the local signals unit he said that the TA does not really deal with IT which I thought was bit odd as I thought the key element of the Army was dealing with vast amount of data to keep ahead.

If anyone currently in signals can help describe more of the current roles and if their is any possibility of working within IT in the TA

Any help appreciated as the job roles are a little vague on what each role does and what equipment used.
Was the careers Sgt in the Corps? Or just based in the same location? What unit is it, as some Sigs units aren't as IT as you'd imagine.

There are units that deal with IT to varying degrees (some are excessivly geeky and you wont get in without a fistful of certificates recording your lack of sex life).
hi,thanks for the reply,yes the sgt is part the local signals unit that is based in dundee,as for type IT role looking for is more the geeky side as have an honors degree in computing so more technical the role the better, is their more hands on roles further down in england like the london area or it it possible to join one of the more specialized units.

sorry seem like asking loads questions just like to find out information before considering options
cheers for advice so far
I think I know which unit you would have visited.

Why do you have an 'honors' degree?

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