It was twenty years ago today, Op Jural, South Georgia 86/87

Having watched Penguin Week on C4 it reminded me of one of the most memorable tours of my career, mainly 12 Sqn with a few ‘experts’ from the other squadrons at 25 building a Jetty in the cold waters of the South Atlantic, it would only see a few more years of use and now looks a bit tatty to say the least.
And then today while putting the Christmas decorations away in the loft I came across a pile of these photos that I looked after for safe keeping to be handed out on our return to Osnabruck, obviously that never happened so if you were there and would like your copy just let me know.


I was on that lovely cold rock for Op jural and unfortunately I have misplaced the main photo, the one were everyone on Op Jural was standing in one line on the jib of the crane. I like to get a copy of that photo and all the signatures that were on the back.

Can anyone help me please?

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