It was only supposed to be for terrorists

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sven, Jan 17, 2007.

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  1. The new serious crime bill uses powers similar to those of the control orders given to suspected terrorists. The wedge that was terrorist control orders is now being forced into the idea of our civil liberties
  2. Not a huge surprise then, as we lurch further towards a police state; due to a combination of the media-encouraged requirement to be seen to 'talk tough' on crime (whilst actually only passing more & more legislation that tends to end up misused), and the inherent authoritianism of the current government (and the higher echelons of the police, who never turn down the possibility of more power).
  3. Sorry about the link - that's twice I've forgotten now.

    The link
  4. dont worry im sure that liabour will ensure that the 'peoples courts' wont use this bill to undermine the criminal justice system ... gee im so pleased that they care about my and others personal freedoms dont we all feel so much safer now.

    liabour! please go DO one
  5. I don't really feel the urge to read this piece of legislation but I am interested to know if it erodes our rights any further than the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Bill which — if my layman's grasp on legal principles is anywhere near the mark — turned the idea of 'innocent until proven guilty' on it's head years ago.
  6. yes sven, but isn't that just a case of bringing in the right bill for the wrong reason, or something?
  7. No

    This is the wrong bill for the wrong reason. Just think if they carry it on to its logical conclusion. You might be given a control order for the kinds of posts You made.
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Use of internet is covered by control orders as I this a portent of doom for ARRSE ;)
  9. Or you could be nicked for supporting an illegal war.
  10. That, SLRboy is a fence we will have to face when we come to it.
  11. I'm sorry mate... but I wont be facing that one will I?
  12. Going on the recent past - neither will I
  13. Not happy with the idea of HM Revenue and Customs having these powers, as is proposed.

    Seen these clowns at work and not impressed.
  14. Oh yes you would - how does it go - Right War/Wrong Reason?
    That's a nick right there. Try explaining that to a jury.