It was old but it was beautiful...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Jul 12, 2006.

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  1. .....and the colours they were fine,
    It was worn in Derry, Augherin, Inniskilling and the Boyne....

    HAPPY 316th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BATTLE OF THE BOYNE to all those with Regimental antecedents who took part in this epic struggle for English Protestant supremacy.
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  2. There are regiments with the Batle Honour 'The Boyne'???? Good God! I never knew that!
  3. :x I'm still horribly, horribly hung over!
  4. Hooray !

    But dont forget the Scots settlers that built the place, nor the various Europeans soldiers
    that made the Glorious Revolution possible :eek:
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  5. many of whom were European Catholics fighting for lolly, so its all crap really
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  6. Who cares ! it was a Glorious Revolution over a tyrant, I believe one is long overdue
    over our current administration :eek:

  7. GSTQ&NS ?
  8. mereminx

    I always thought that you were Teetotal :wink:
  9. :oops: Its an annual thing RR!! As well you know!!

    :x I couldn't even cope in Belfast this morning I had to crawl home and die pathetically!
  10. you must be Irish, you got bladdered a day early :D
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  11. Any excuse will do Minx :wink:
  12. ...and for those of us descended from the original Gaelic Catholic inhabitants of Ireland on whose land this 'epic struggle' was fought? "English Protestant supremacy" unfortunately resulted in the breaking of the terms of the 1691 Treaty of Limerick and the imposition of the Penal Laws (in direct contravention of the terms of the Treaty), which held force in Ireland from 1695 until 1829, whereby more than three quarters of the population of the island - including Presbyterians - were disenfranchised, and were legally non-existant. Another wonderful by-product was Republicanism...yes, a 'Glorious Revolution' indeed, as long as one wasn't Catholic.

    I will be recognising today, though being of Jacobite descent, I can hardly 'celebrate'. The family had two regiments in James II's army (later took the 'Wild Geese' route)...however, mother's family being Scottish carpetbaggers :wink: they were probably there with the Dutchman.

    There were others there beforehand Roadless, or do you imagine that 'Ulster' was an uninhabited desert prior to the Plantation? For example, my family had been in Ulster from about...well, let's take c.200BC as a 'ball park' figure? Yours?

    Of course, being an historian (and an Anglophile half-Scots mongrel 8O ) I take the dispassionate view that these unfortunate things do happen at times... :x

    I shall raise a glass of 'the King over the water' :wink:
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  13. I thought Elvis was dead? 8O
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  14. Is he...?! :omfg: [another family tradition shattered]

  15. Aye, but the natives dont count :eek: