It was me wot dunnit!

Early Seventies, Napier Bks, Dortmund.
There was an entry on Regt. Orders which read:- Will the individual/individuals who killed the Officers Mess
Chickens over the Weekend report to the RSM forthwith.............Yeah, right!

Being a Bleepy type, we considered these Arty Chickens as fair game(snigger) and after a belly full of Amstel
C***s P*****e and Me were on route to the Pferdy armed with RL Starting Handles and did Despatch said
Cluckers with alacrity.

So, all you ex Officer types of 36 HY AD Regt. RA, BFPO 20.....Sorry!......Nah, fcuk yer!
Sorry!!!!! I'm only little and gerrin' on a bit, trust the creamy, eh!

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