'It was about that time my arm popped out'

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  1. I understand that airline stewards are contractually required to be errr... limp-wristed, but for anyone who missed it in Sunday's colour section, I thought this chap gave a good example of heroism, humanity and (as you will see) an extremely "down-to earth" :roll: sense of humour. Literally the opposite of limp-wristed, if you read the interview.

    source: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper/0,,2772-1456759,00.html
  2. Limp-wristed or not, that guy has balls.
  3. Cutaway

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    Of fecking brass !

    Good skills that man & I imagine he will be having many nights drinking until the sun rises with Tim the driver.
  4. good drills that man

    I should imagine took some guts to hang on rather than just let him go, and then not feel the pain when his arm popped out. :!: