It was a mistake to apply...

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by AntaeusUK, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Hi. I applied to join the army last week and after reading exactly what the selection process entails I realise I really don't have what it takes and there is no point even attempting some of the selection activities.

    My mum and brother think I am stupid for not trying but I don't see the point of trying when I already know I will most definitely fail. So I was just wondering what do I do about cancelling my application. Do I just not repond to the letter I should get or do I need to ring someone or what?
  2. Why not give it a go? You may be surprised. If you fail selection, you'll only be in the same situation as if you quit, but at least you won't be asking yourself, "What if...?"
  3. U will never know unless you try it pal. If it is what you feel that you would enjoy and be good at then give it a go, The selection standards are not difficult, you don't have to be super fit. That is what training is for.
  4. Well, I have never been able todo more than, say 5 push ups lol. I can run but I'm not sure about running straight for 1.5 miles. The jerry can thing I could probably do. The pull ups thing not sure :S, and I suck at most sport apart from maybe badminton and swimming so I thinkafter reading this you might agree there isnt much point. I know a fair bit about the army, how things work and the equipment etc, but that doesn't mean anything on its own.
  5. Push ups will improve over 14weeks, running a mile and a half isn't that hard. to train for it, sprint the length of a football pitch, rest for 10seconds then repeat. do this for 20shuttles and your stamina will increase massively. As for swimming and badminton, both are very strenuous exercise and will come in handy. Have a bit of faith in yourself pal and you will be fine.
  6. If you don't try you will never know - your ma and bro sound OK - take their advice but FFS develop a POSITIVE attitiude - you aren't doing SAS selection first off :D
  7. i was the same as you didnt think i would ever pass ADSC but i am now going to start infantry training in september and im still not the best at pull ups and press ups but i still tryed and if put the effert in it can happen
  8. Get running, (See all the threads on here about what to do) and just go for it. If you want to do it you will get through. Good luck!
  9. Ring up your AFCO and cancel.
  10. Yet another boring WAH
  11. Go for it !

    "The traveler who plans his journey too far ahead, and tries to anticipate every problem, will eventually abandon the plan through fear."
  12. Interesting name you have chosen there AntaeusUK.

    As wikipedia puts it: Antaeus in Greek and Berber mythology was a giant of Libya, the son of Poseidon and Gaia, and his wife was Tinjis. He was extremely strong as long as he remained in contact with the ground (his mother earth), but once lifted into the air he became as weak as water.

    He would challenge all passers-by to wrestling matches, kill them, and collect their skulls, so that he might one day build out of them a temple to his father Poseidon.

    Heracles, finding that he could not beat Antaeus by throwing him to the ground, as he would regain his strength and be fortified, discovered the secret of his power (touching the ground) and held Antaeus aloft and crushed him in a bearhug (Apollodorus ii. 5; Hyginus, Fab. 31).

    The myth of Antaeus has been used as a symbol of the spiritual strength which accrues when one rests one's faith on the immediate fact of things. The struggle between Antaeus and Heracles is a favorite subject in ancient sculpture.

    So either a rather intelligent wah, noting the obvious lack in spiritual strength, a kid that doesn't know the meaning of the word or a troll.
  13. Im going to be a spanner and say why is everyone even bothering? He obviously doesnt want to do it and doesnt think he can. He says he cant do 5 push ups nor a pull up, so his upper body strength needs work big time. He has trouble running 1.5 mile let alone best effort and the sports he does are not exactly MMA. Hes best off giving it a year getting his fitness up.
  14. Many on here were fitness freaks before they joined, many were not. I was backsquadded for two weeks during my basic training for failing to achieve a single pull up. 13 years later and I can barely remember the rigours of training. (I still can't do one single pull up, but that's for completely different reasons :D )

    If you want to have a career in the army, you'll do yourself no harm by tipping up to selection and giving it your best shot. Who knows, you may find it was just what you were looking for. If, however, you expect the standards to be lowered to the extent that you don't even have to try, turn back now. It's a hard life, but one of the most rewarding you can imagine.
  15. you cant expect to be able to do 50 press ups and sit ups your first try, you have to train for it, its hard but i think it will definately be worth it, i just joined this morning, booked my barb test and started training, man i realized how unfit i am, i tried the 1.5 mile run took me 22 mins jogging walking jogging walking i was so exhausted, but its my first day of training and preparing for the selection and eventual basic training, its takes time but over the next few weeks i will definately improve and become stronger and fitter, you can only try your best and stick at it, you will achieve great things and push yourself further than you think possible,