It was 30 years ago today, that Sgt Wilson taught us to.............

Discussion in 'RAC' started by 76mill, Jan 26, 2011.

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  1. Well Jan 27th to be exact, Intake 81/02 at Catterick. Happy happy days!! On the cusp of this anniversay anyone still around/in/dead????
  2. Paddy taught me all the way through my T3 theory and I always thought he was a fine bloke. Years later on my T1, there he was as a civvie, teaching micro-processors and programming; then on my FofS course he had moved to Blandford and was now a computing guru.

    At one of the TOT/FofS/Traffic/YofS conventions, he flicked up a slide of a SDH Virtual container, all 1s, 0s and X's and said something along the lines of, "I won't teach you suck eggs. I'm sure you can all see where the problem is here!" To howls of laughter from the YofS types and pretend chuckles from all the FofS and TOTs who also didn't have a clue what on earth he was blathering about.

    Just too brainy for human-kind that man.
  3. I think we may have attended different establishments.....
  4. RAC.......Hmmmmmm, now I have read which board this is, you probably have a point. The coincidence though, that your intake and my T3 were a year apart and both in Catterick, threw me. Maybe he had a part-time job or was double-hatted due to defence cuts.