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Good morning, I am a former British Army SSgt (I was discharged after 23 years service last year), now working as a Training Coordinator for an IT Training company here in Coventry. JBC has been a preferred supplier to the CTP for resettlement courses for Service Leavers since 1998.

In the light of the current round of service redundancies I am writing this to make you aware of the excellent training packages we offer, for both Service Leavers and those wishing to advance their IT skill set. As you will see on the website, IT Training and recruitment for careers in the IT industry ,our resettlement courses are aimed firmly at getting each individual into an IT Career. This requires not only practical training towards qualifications in current Microsoft, Cisco and generic technologies, but also our Winning Ways programme including how to manage an IT Career, the effective use of a tailored CV and personal profiles, job search support and career development timetables.

JBC has a very high success rate of Service Leavers achieving valuable qualifications and, most importantly, gaining employment. In the first quarter of 2011 for example out of 18 candidates, 12, who were available immediately, moved straight into employment on completion of their training. We expect all of the others to do the same once they have reached their terminal date.

If you would like further information either PM me or contact via the website.
RGJ - There is always a requirement for IT Engineers contracting to NATO, especially those with the relevant security clearances, could be somewhere sandy or could be somewhere wet (Mons, Brussels).
Very true! Perhaps a sight seeing tour-driver, by way of mini-moke? :)
you know us too well smudge.

anyhow, your posts in the sand-pit interest me partyr, what quals / courses are in demand now?

and are there genuine places out there or is this a case of pay to get on the course and hopefully something will come of it?

can your company 'massage' the figures between accommodation and training to get the most out of the ELC and DS?
I'm assuming that Partyr is just a training provider, and doesn't actually have an contracts running in Afghan. However there is always a list of jobs in Afghan/Iraq etc on the NATO website. You will normally require a minimum of SC level security clearance (still valid) to be considered for a role with ISAF etc.

Be warned, the application paperwork that you need to fill in makes your eyes bleed, I swear it's part of the test.
i know that smudger - i've been to too many trade / job fairs now to realise that most companies offering great job prospects are actually out there to make a fast buck from the ex-squaddie by getting him to sign up to training he thinks will get him a job

the ELC's are money in the bank, it makes sense for civvie companies to milk us for them but it makes sense if a soldier uses them wisely too.

We have ties with a lot of the Recruiting Agencies who require SC/DV personnel, the likes of LA International and Certes. If you have a quick scan through their websites you will see what they have to offer. Just a quick sample is the following link, albeit from Security Cleared jobs: Job Vacancy for DV Desktop Rollout Engineers x3 - 12mth contract roles - Hampshire in Hampshire (DV)
As for 'massaging your entitlements', what we offer is value for your hard earned, our resettlement programme is aimed at you getting the most out of your entitlements, our status as a CTP preferred supplier controls what we offer. If you require more detailed info please PM me.

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