IT Training - any tips

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar, May 22, 2007.

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  1. Spent the evening assesing some recruits in their IT ability so that I could work out where to take training.

    Seems like the best idea is to introduce these TA soldiers into 'famous' websites during lessons and hope they carry it on.

    More mature soldier - this site
    ED/army barmy sex machine - faceparty
    Gym queen wannabee -
    Girl Chav with potential - help?

    May sound daft but the group started to be self supporting (shortcuts, tips etc was mentioned frequently by other soldiers). The Army IT geek just failed, seeing a ED telling an operator good tips was scary.

    On another footing, does anyone know any courses where I can get the Girl Chav training? 2 week courses or weekends would suit best :D
  2. The girl can get chav training pretty much anywhere these days. You can even do it on CBT.

    Only joking, I know what you meant....I was just being facetious. That bloody Bebo and Myspace shiite seems to be very popular with "that sort".
  3. You forgot Facebook. There's absolutely nothing wrong with these websites-they're perfect for grooming,err, I mean networking.... :oops:
  4. How come it's OK for David Beckham to do grooming (I remember FHM mag clearly) but Ian Huntley gets criticised for it. Hypocrisy!
  5. Networking sort of works, although the topless photo of a Siggie hitting the ARRSE NAAFI forum says otherwise.