It takes your breath away!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by archer, Sep 9, 2007.

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  1. Like so many of us, I read with amazement the acts of bravery and heroism performed by our Armed Forces, and also shake my head at the mounting death toll, that comes from Irag and Afganistan.

    So ,can you imagine how I felt, when today I followed a bus that displayed a TESCO advert featuring one of the farmers who supplies them with potatoes.

    They call this spud grower a "Local Hero"

    Is it me?
    Or has this supermarket and it's advertising department just lost the plot?
  2. To be fair, the term 'local hero' has a slightly different connotation - not a local who is a hero, but someone from the local community who is perhaps worthy of admiration. Whether your local spud grower counts could be up for debate, but I don't think that Tesco are attempting to suggest that he displays conspicuous gallantry when he's driving his tractor.

    However , while we're on the subject - I wish that the press would stop banging on about the 'heroism' of sportsmen, and especially professional footballers, every time they do something that is neither heroic, nor, especially in the case of English players at international level, more than just competent...
  3. Remember this is a country where people like 'Charley' from BB will earn more than cancer specialists. Because people like her are revered and admired. You just couldn't make it up.
  4. Or perhaps you could all stop being so fcuking precious about the whole thing and get over it.
  5. Precious? Perevodchik

    No I don't think so.