It takes one to catch one.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sunami, Jan 3, 2012.

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  1. It seems the adage 'it takes one to catch one' is true. :)

    Almost 1000 PCSOs and police officers have a criminal record - Local stories - Yorkshire Post
  2. I suppose in overall comparison with the total numbers, this is a quite small figure. I am surprised though. I would have thought you would need a completely clean slate to be a copper?
  3. When I applied thirty odd years ago I had to jump through hoops, record check home visits etc., they even checked my siblings records. that's when I found out my older brother had done time at Colly. I was turned down by that particular force but told it didn't preclude me from applying to other forces.
  4. From a Guardian article dated August 2011:

    "According to the Home Office police force figures published in March 2011, the UK has over 137,000 police available for duty (excluding transport police)."

    So looking at it a certain's not really a big deal.

    Am I working out my percentages right? I binned maths when I started my highers.

    900 divided by 137,000 x 100 = 0.65

    So 0.7% of serving police officers (based on recent figures) have a criminal record for some shady stuff.

    0.7% is **** all!

    No offense to the Yorkshire Post, I'm sure it's a credible rag, but this is yet another anti-police non story.
  5. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

    0.75% heh, just means the rest of them are abiding by the 1st commandment.
  6. To be fair, those figures were published in March 2011 and there have been a number of budget and job cuts.

    Yeah, the figure doesn't include transport police eith but, trying to play devil's advocate for the outrage seeker, we could be missing a few thousand rozzers since then. L

    et's face it though, 0.7% isn't worth batting an eyelid at. If it were 1% or 2% even, I might be willing to show a little bit of concern and shed a tear of outrage for the cause and all that


    it just looks like another "let's hate the police/teachers/doctors [delete as applicable, add as necessary]" type article and an excuse to terrify the uneducated masses.
  7. There's also a few (more often than not, sprogs) who are new to the job and because they are so shit arse convinced they fkn know it all that they go out on the lash, get wankered and get locked up for various CJ and PO offences resulting in FPN's and Misconduct e-mails to the Borough Commander before the Tap Rabbits start looking for you. If you want to keep your job (especially in today's climate) dont act like a prick and put yourself on the line.......Basics really.
  8. sprogs will be sprogs

    We're all human and as long as these figures don't show that it is, say, a quarter of the national force then I don't think we have anything to worry about.

    Rockape, are you a current-serving bobby?
  9. Thou Shalt Not Get Caught!:muhaha:
  10. I did see a list somewhere of the number of MPs who had some sort of criminal record and out of the 690 I think only about 10 were squeaky clean.

    Lead by example or something ?
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  11. Why do we never have MP-bashing threads?

    We have countless threads devoted to calling various public sectors all the bastards under the sun but nothing fully devoted to how much we hate MPs, the swindling fucks.
  12. Yes bud, almost 17 years now.
  13. I put my application in two weeks ago.

    But I do have two driving offences (drink driving and driving uninsured) that are spent, which I was stupid enough to end up with when I was about 18. The bloke I was speaking to said they shouldn't be an issue, think I'll be alright?
  14. I did'nt think Strathclyde were recruiting at the moment. I heard the only way in is to spend two years as a Special, then transfer to the "regular" police.

    I know that the Met told 2,000 recruits who were waiting to begin training that there is no money and they won't be starting until after the Olympics.