It takes a lot to kill a Light Infantryman...

Nor me
What a fella. Makes you realise how (relatively) easy we sometimes have it these days.
There has been some talk of a state funeral for the last serving man. If his family request it I think it would be a fitting send off form him, and all the others that fought and died.
And then to out live a wife of 56 years and two sons.

Humbling indeed.
Humbled by this story
No other words come to mind
Nothing but respect...
I read the article in the canteen at the Nick, I openly cried, no shame, the guy is a true hero in my book, the words were so true, his closing sentence was "I never got over it, you never forget it, never".

As some in Arrsedom have said before, the war is only over for the dead, the survivors are still living it.

I discussed the story with my psychologist this morning, even she looked a bit upset.

Let us never forget our servicemen and women EVER.

Bit of dust in my eye. God Bless him, this soddin' government won't.
Humbling is the right word, but at the same time we shouldn't forget the 100s of thousands who died during the war and ever since.
I have just read a book called "The Last Post" about WW1 veterans.

A collection of very moving and honest accounts of what life was like before during and after the "war to end all wars".
so much repect for veterans of both WW1 and 2...

But, i almost feel bad for him, living for so long, with what he must remember and see in his mind everyday...

Hopefully when the last veteran passes on, we will still rememer, i know i shall.

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