IT Sy Policy - Following Capt Badger events

As invited by MoD's, I hoe this meets with their approval in avoiding service discipline complications.

The public sector, and particularly government departments at source are pitifully poor at anything IT. They don't understand it, have no unified implemenation and constantly chase the last adverse media story highlighting its IT incompetance.

I have always been more concerned about work IT ****ing up my personal IT than the other way round.

When I joined the Army there was no real IT and a good proportion of paperwork was typed by the chief clk, having been hand written by the officers, the junior ones having to find a typewriter to do their own (or running the ranges of the top of their heads, having submitted a delete insert photocopied instruction)

Jump forward to today, and the IT scalings at unit level mean that almost all junior officers have to buy their own. Disagree?

Well there being no typewriters left, and JPA not being able to scan hand written range letters and turn them magically into SOHB correct documents. HQ's and "agencies" have IT coming out of their ears, and expect prompt reports and returns back from their less than poor IT relations. How does everyone think this happens????

Ever since subbies bought laptops, or saved things on floppy from the Sqn chief clerk we have been keeping work on our PC's. (I have 19 years worth of work stored on my own IT), mainly because there is nothing new, that you haven't done before and can't be cut/pasted into today and specifically because it helps you do your job.

As many JSP's as you like will not alter the realty that those who need to write work as part of their job, need IT, and they are in the majority (but not all) of case Officers.

Here's an idea then, issue all officers a modest laptop at sandhurts on 1157, use two drives one removable and fully encrypted and one OS an program drive encrypted but not locked down, so you can install your own programs, use it for your own mail, internet etc. That way you only need take one laptop, because its standalone in so far as the MoD networks are concerned.

If lost, use BIOS locked tracking software with and remote autodelete capability so the next time Newton cock or thieving london pikey tries to use the net it scrubs the drives and passes location to CIVPOL. Then you have secure, reliable IT that is practical and removes any requiement for your own IT.

Did I think this up all on my own? No its what most companies with a sensible IT plan do. Is it expensive? Erm no, its what I do with my personal laptop, and it just works.

Finally, all JSP'd up, I am interested to know why it is that you can take said super secure IT, remove the hard drive and with a little bit of imagination and some dodgy net based software, strip most of the encryption and read it anyway?

Perhaps people who have their laptops stolen by newspapers might wish to pursue thier own civil cases against the newton cock for theft or computer misuse. Certainly legal advice might prove worthwhile.

Then a rival might lead with:

"Sun mong doesn't check facts before writing half arrsed story trying to get on current data loss bandwaggon."

A sun reported who lays claim to being a defence editor, but yet, hasn't the first clue about anything remotely like being a soldier, beyond what he has seen by watching TV and films, today stepped on his dick once again by getting a typist to write some dribble about super secret laptops, while he spent the day watching Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, so he could learn some buzzwords which he could drop into conversations with real men, to walt himself up as having been "on the ground once" in some attempt at providing any, no matter how tenuous, evidence that he wasnt just the bloke who moved up from his previous post as the bloke who fakes the letters to dear deirdre.

Ask for comment at the £150 a drink Sophisticats nightclub this morning he stated that he didnt give two ****ing shits about anyone at all, least of all soldiers, who the **** were they anyway, he'd eat them all for breakfast and he'd done much more, and no-one gives a **** at all about anything to do with them, unless he gets his mate to write it and its got tits in it, and in that case its ****ing great and all soldiers love it and him and his paper. Anyway "I'm ****ing brilliant" he said, as he nuzzled between the £1000 champagne soaked breasts of the £450 a dance lapdancer, before getting into his £67000 car and driving to his £800000000000 house, paid for with the misery of others.

A true knight for democracy, and press freedoms.
By jove I think you've got it.

Issue all relevant personell with the right kit from the offset, and avoid this "I got mine from PC World", melarkey ;)

I'd even add that you don't need to stradle the fence, all drives should be encrypted, and flash bangs should be installed in the BIOS just in case some thieving jypo gets his paw on it.

But it begs the question, how do you circumvent the current trend by replacing Personal Computing with MoD Sanctioned Computing, without an IT amnesty?

As in, surrender your dodgy white box equipment at the guardhouse in exchange for your spanky new Beer Proof Laptop, or face the charges.

That way you could still cut about with your porn folder while out and about in the 'Stans.

Wouldn't even cost all that much either. Knock a single Typhoon off the list and transfer the cost centre over. Job Jobed.
Fully agree with these points. My concern is the effect that the rewritten JSP will have. It not only covers the use of DII/F but also any use of a wireless network in a service quarter or SLA. i.e you are governed when using your personal internet connection. Is it possible to enforce? Probably, but are we in danger of a heavy handed approach?
I've said it before and I'll say it again, ALL laptops owners should be encouraged to use full disk encryption. Using the same scheme the DCSA offers discount AV and Microsoft products, discounted disk encryption could be rolled out at minimal expense and avoid further episodes like those recently. After all who wants someone else trawling through the pictures of your girlfriend taken on that drunken weekend or worse yet the 'moral' video's you downloaded :)
or even one of these ASUS EEE

220 notes and uses freeware, nice!

most helpfully "• No technical manual required with the specially designed, user-friendly and intuitive graphic interface ." - occifer friendly
Papa_Lazarou said:
The public sector, and particularly government departments at source are pitifully poor at anything IT.
Agree with everything else but there is always this inference that the Private Sector is any better. I'm sorry but the reverse is the case anty time that money needs to be saved security and control is shelved. Contractors and other staff regularily move from company to company taking their entire directories and .pst files with them. A lack of publicity does not mean good security.

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