IT Spotter Required

My mate is just about to apply for a Chief Clerk NRPS post and found this in the description:

Systems management of the unit's UNICOM System and for FORGE/ARCADE related IT and
R2 systems
And his (and my) question is this - WTF is FORGE?
FORGE is the input system to cover TA pay.

A painfully slow system, where you have to download the data to UNICOM to transmit it to Glasgow.

If your mate is a UNICOM Systems Administrator then FORGE isn't a drama - it's a database like any other, and a reasonably IT literate person can handle it.

Different units require different skills - NRPS RAOWO at my place doesn't touch FORGE unless it's to handle the upload to UNICOM.

In most units the responsibility with handling FORGE will lie with the PSAO, who may delegate data entry and checking to the PSI and whatever TA AGC clerks are around. At an RHQ location, I would expect your friends involvement to be minimal, other than perhaps training new users, and that's hardly the work of a rocket scientist.
Thanks for your assistance, but it was more a quick description of what it is rather than all the 'nitty gritty' of what it does. However paywog I have passed on your kind invitation to my mate and let him know that more information is available if he needs it.
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