IT Skills Shortage

Computing Weekly Has a lovely picture of a 21 Sigs det (21 Sigregt FOB Kalsu) on the hard copy, get the beers in!

On the artical content, with a shortage of IT trained people in Civi street will this tempt people out of the forces? IS Op (Sorry if this isn't this weeks description) is becoming an essential skill with the introduction of new IT based communications technology.

Are/is there plans for retention bonuses? May we see a movement of newly trained Operators doing their minimum time and then moving back to Civi Street like a few years back with the Mobile Phone industry?

There is upto £6000 available if you re-enlist at the moment if you've recently exited the forces. Is this tempting any who have left back? It's not with me, if you take the time to get yourself trained, experienced and qualified then companies are very interested, with the forces background giving you the edge over others.


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