It should have been a dream posting but.........

Almost all of the old and bold have been there. The dream posting htat everyone who has come from there talks about in such nostalgic and whistful tones. The party's, the easy going manner in the place, the easy work load and many early knock-offs.
When you arrive however, all you see are people getting beasted on PT, constant duties, low moral and 3 years of torment and suffering caused by the units recent newly appointed sociopathic CO and a 30% reduction in unit manpower.
Has anyone here had such a thing happen to them? I have.
I was selected to spend the winter of 94-95 as a driver at the Paderborn Garrison Adventure Trg Centre at Steibis in Bavaria. Fantastic I thought. 5 months in the snow having a cushty life in civvies and watching nice ladies in ski wear all day long on the slopes.
The reality was quite different. The lodge was run by the Green Jackets, for whome the word 'fun did not exist. There were 2 of us employed as drivers and one of us was supposed to be on duty driver every day (24 on 24 off). We had to wake at 05.30 every morning to either snow plough the road outside, even though a stadt wagon came a did it at 07:00 anyway or we had to go down to the local bakery to collect the rolls, bread etc. You know you're in a crap job when you have to get up before the chefs!
We were seperated from the rest of the centre staff by being forbidden to wear the centre badged 'staff' clothing which only the admin staff and instructors wore, were made to sleep in a seperate room from everyone else, and was sometimes used as course accomodation. The centre admin staff were old RGJ full screws who had secreated themselves there many, many years ago and were not moving for anyone, and to emphises the point had purchased local houses, mortgage and all, and treated us as some kind of pond life for daring to come in from the real army to breathe their air.
In short it was paradise turned on it's head.
Can anyone top this?


'Staff clothing', the first sign of insecurity and very often the last of intelligence.

Half of them have forgotten that they are instructors and have it embroidered on their polo shirts/sweat shirts.

You'll have noticed that the 'staff' very often buy several items of 'insecurity' clothing, some for work and some for posing down the town.

Let's impress the civvies down town eh? Yeah, right.

Anybody who wears 'staff clothing' is a cnut.

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