It,s your funeral

A former Piper advertised to play at local funerals now that it was a popular way to send of the dear departed. He duly officiated in the said manner for several ceremonies and was handsomely remunerated and made a decent wedge while praying for a big freeze or flu epidemic to boost his trade.

Came the day when a request to play at a strange cemetary he had,nt heard of set him off on a tour around till he found it. He changed into regalia in the Cem Bog and tucking his Pig Skin Piano under his arm he scanned the stones till he espied several blokes in the distance.

Our man was aghast to find they were grave diggers in the process of filling in a grave. He retreated some distance before gathering himself, determined to play the late internee despite missing the ceremony.

The bold lad blew up the Squealy Bag and played as he had never played before, every lament, reel and other pibroch he could remember before finishing with The Black Bear.

On finishing his repertoire the older of the watching grave digger came over and said softly to our man,

"Young feller, that was a very moving event....and I,ve been installing Septic Tanks for years and no one ever did that before, Thanks son, here,s a few bob for a pint"

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