It,s a dogs life

Three dogs sitting in the Vets Surgery a Staffy, a Doberman and an Irish Wolfhound. Wolfy looks at the other two and see,s they look glum, "Looks like you two are for the Big Needle them!".

Staffy says "Yeah, chewed the legs off a copper trying to pull my Boss, bad move on my part I reckon".

Doberman says, "Had a go at a kid, made a bit of a mess, and now I,m in one, Lifes a bitch."

They look at Wolfy, "What about you mate?"

Wolfy says, "Saw the Mrs Boss on her chips and peas looking for something under the dresser, Kilt up over her arse, no drawers on, both stars winking at me, well you can guess the rest".

"Needle then". says Staffy.

"Oh no!, says Wolfy nonchalantly, "I just gotta have my claws clipped, Tarra!"
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