IT Recruitment Agencies and MCSE courses - Caution - Rant!

I am FU"£$%£$%G Pis$ed off once again with so-called bloody recruitment in IT. Yesterday afternoon I went for an inty for a Sys Admin, £42K, AD, Exchange and Cisco. These I have - 9 years experience since I left the bleeps in 92 (less 4 years reading Russian at Bristol Uni). So, I turn up in my new Ken Clarke fat-boy suit and I hear this as I sit down:

"So, Tricky, you've got 5 years experience of Juniper and SAP?"

"Erm, nope. Actually. Erm, well, no. Not at all, in fact. Not a sausage"

"But it's on your CV."

ARGGHHHH!!!!!!! (1)

I phoned the biatch from the agency outside 10 Very Embarrassed Minutes later and it says:

"Well, you said you know Check Point and that’s like Juniper, I think, and Cisco is the just SAME as SAP, isn’t it?"

"ARGGHHHHH"!!!!! (2)

Christ, it pis$es me off so much when they feck with my CV.

Now, I've worked all over the world in IT and done just fine so far - I work for a bit and then take some of the money for my long term goal of professional pilot. I digress - until two weeks ago I was working as a trainer in north London for a bunch of monkeys teaching obnoxioues chavs in the "MCSE - CCNA - you’ll be rich in a year" career development loan stuff and I raised my voice to one of the little darlings once too often and realised immediately I had to get out so I walked out. Just like that. Had a couple of pints at lunch time and didn't go back. First time ever at the age of 35 and it felt GOOD! BUT I had no idea IT agencies have sunk so low - even the old skool Comp Futures and Comp People have gone way downhill. What are they employing theses days? All they do is bloody word searches. In the 90s they at least knew what a few of our beloved acronyms meant. Nowadays, they call me up and tell me how good their agency is and so I go for an interview and then they don't even bother to call with feedback. It's not just bad manners - it's surely catastrophic for business.

On a more serious note, there are lots of these MCSE - CCNA courses advertised for ex-mob and if you’re considering shelling out for one DON’T! PM me and I'll point you in the direction of some computer based training - it's MUCH better and you can get Cisco kit from EBay for under £100. That's all you need - really. The courses are a total waste of time. Most of my students were long term unemployable and will remain so. Not a few had IT degrees from half-decent polys and they were just as bad. Waste of 3 years.

Rant Over

MCSE, CCNP, CCSE, CSA, PRINCE2, MD (Failed), BA (Calcutta
trickywoo56 said:
PM me and I'll point you in the direction of some computer based training - it's MUCH better and you can get Cisco kit from EBay for under £100.
Come on Tricky - surely CBT is a bunch of arrse? And you can download all the tests over the net.
Not at all - the cbtnuggets series are an excellent example. For example, eval copies of 2k3 Server and Exchange 2003 are available as a free d/load from Microshaft. The CBTs for both can indeed both be sourced on the net - apparently.

With these, a cheapy PC and a copy of the same for, say, A+ and N+, a chap could easily learn enough to get a 1st / 2nd line posish inside a month and within the year full Sys Admin is out there for the best. Many of my students did just that - for the brighter ones there was simply no point whatsoever in their attending formal classes. Total waste of time. This also saves on exams since the MCP certificates are a total waste of time and money. If I'm interviewing a candidate and he even mentions MCSE then I'll shove him towards a server for a test before I'll give him more than 1/2 hour. 95% haven't a clue - brain dump monkeys to a man. The Cisco CBTs are even better and with 3 x 2500s with cabling on EBay for c. £100, it's a steal. It's even possible to get evals of the really cool stuff like Checkpoint.

West Sussex
PoisonDwarf said:
trickywoo56 said:
PM me and I'll point you in the direction of some computer based training - it's MUCH better and you can get Cisco kit from EBay for under £100.
Come on Tricky - surely CBT is a bunch of arrse? And you can download all the tests over the net.
Yes, of course they are. All of them. Thing is, a monkey could remember 300 questions on, say, Active Directory and get an MCP up. But in an interview, asked what the 5 FSMOs are he won't have a scooby. I've met MCSEs who can barely RC a mouse. The only exams with credibility are the CISCO ones because they're so much more practically based. I've never met a CCNP who wasn't a true pro. MS are, belatedly, changing some of their MCPs to be more interactive but it's very slow process.

Interesting Tricky, I work as a recruitment consultant in the Telecoms sector and I would agree with you that 90% of recruitment consultants in any sector are Sh1te and cowboys, certainly not me I would like to think!. It is illegal to send your CV to a client without your consent and extremely dodgy to bullsh1t their client on a candidates skills/experience. If you have been shafted ask to speak to their director/business head or during an interview when you realise you have been shafted tell the interviewer you have both been lied to.

Most recruitment consultancies cling to the idea that graduates will make good consultants... bullsh1t, candidates of today could be their clients of tomorrow. In recruitment there is a certain train of thought, extremely unprofessional, that if enough CV's are thrown at the client some will be suitable or sometimes a ringer is sent forward to interview to make annother candidate look good. This is disgusting and the practice of a lowlife. Good recruitment should be about sending very very few persons forward for the job, quality not quantity, only those qualified, experienced and those very eager about the job. Good consultants are hard to find but many of my placements keep in touch with me after they have been placed that is because a consultant should be straight up about the situation, return calls and provide feedback no matter how positive or negative. Despite working in recruitment myself I will be the first to say most recruiters are awful, there are some very good ones out there but dont forget that if they are lying to the client they are most likely to be lying to you. If you want, PM me on who the company was and I can point you in the direction of some good consultants who will not bullsh1t you.

Complain about this gobsh1te because tomorrow they will do the same to someone else, they are a clown and should be gripped severely.

Well, I've put a rocket up the agency in q. They're a small outfit in Horley and may even be working from a home office. It's unusual indeed for an agency to mess with a CV in this manner and it's only the second time it's happened to me. However, I would hazard that the main reason it doesn't happen is because the majority of new IT rec. bods (and I can only speak about the IT sector) are truly awful. They just don't know the skills, let alone the market. Helf of them probably have busines degrees from third rate polys and a some point in the trajectory someone told them they had a talent for sales - prob. along the lines of "You have excellent communication skills." ARGhhhh et ceterae. I wouldn't mind a bit of a blagg - the City's been working on the principle of the happy amateur for centuries and when it comes to finance I'm a suitable cheeful accomplice but I do draw the line at "I've got just the job for you, mate. You're a Sussex based Cisco engineer with language skills, right? Well, this is for a VB programmer with added drain-sucking skills in Pontefract. You'll be great for it, mate." (Actually, the mate bit annoys me more than anything - esp. from women).

You're clearly not the average rec. bod but could that be due to the sector? In IT, probably down to the bloody MCSE, we have far too many people at the start of the profession who have no idea either. I think you're right - could you PM me some details? When the likes of Comp People and Comp Futures have lost the plot there must be a better place for me to go!

Sussex (not Pontefract)
trickywoo56 said:
...within the year full Sys Admin is out there for the best.
Treat yourself lads. Work hard and, if you're lucky, you could end up doing sysadmin. :wink:

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