it really pisses me off!!!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by robbo9, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. do you know what really pisses me off........civvives, friends and families have no idea what the TA do of even what i do on the weekends. they think it is glorified Cadets!!!

    anyone esle have the same problem? :evil: :twisted:
  2. constantly, "what you do this w/e then" to which the answer now tends to be Shooting & gassing recruits! Cue the strang looks, "well if I could get away withit"
  3. and you throwing a tantrum like a girl scout ain't gonna help! :wink:
  4. it's family that narks, however many years you are in. I still don't think my parents understand when I say 'my troop' [I also think they wonder where they went wrong so that their son took an interest in the Army]. Colleagues are better though.
  5. continueing the whine, my wife doesn't understand me..... sorry of on another track. it's only the weekends, a bit like paint ball isn't it? my brothers in the Army (ACF but close that's hitler youth), it just goes on.

    Although the Telic mobilisations shook folk up. Will you get real bullets out there?- visons of doing top cover with a really scary looking BFA on!
  6. this is a serious problem for the TA. we need to remarket ourselves so the public can see the vital role we perform.

    the old adage of us being the "weekend warriors" has now passed and we have become, for better or worse, a very different service. our committment has increased and the likelihood of us being mobilised for front line service is now a definite rather than a possible eventuality. however the public do not seem to be aware of the changes in the TA role and nothing seems to be happening to alter their views

    i dont believe the MOD is getting the message across effectively. if our own families do not understand the importance of what we do how can we expect the general public to have a clue.

    even worse than the publics ignorance of our work is the still pervasive attitude of many regular soldiers who belittle what we do. this however IS changing but not fast enough for my liking
  7. Having come from a family which has always been in the services, no. Maybe they're just winding you up and to be honest, family or not not many civies these days dont actualy care....
  8. I get it all the time from family, friends, and anyone else who finds out I’m a stab.

    We are a joke in the eyes of the public, most people see us as being no better than boy scouts.
    I don’t really bother trying to explain what the TA does anymore, if people want to belittle us then fek ‘em. I’m proud of the TA and proud to be in the TA, I don’t need anyone’s approval.

    Of course there have been times when some throbber has tried to tell me we’re not part of the “real army” and I’ve put them straight in no uncertain terms :twisted:
    Even I’m allowed to be grumpy now and then :D
  9. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I suppose one tactic would be ask what they did at the weekend. Most people won't have done anything, those that have you can point out that they can do it bigger and better in the TA and get paid for it.
  10. I, as a regular soldier, have a lot of time for the TA, as I think most regs do, its just a bit of banter. There are noobs and walts, just like the regs and to be fair I dont think I could be bothered to do drill nights and weekends If I had another job. However your image is a bit dads army and needs improving
  11. My wife has never understood what it was all about until I took her to Aldershot and made her run up Flagstaff......

    Then she was confronted by people with machine guns....... now she understands slightly more!
  12. msr

    msr LE

    A number of interesting questions fall out of this discussion:

    What does your unit do for families?
    Do we do enough?

    Should we bring employers and families out on exercise more often?
    Do we ever?

    How do we best change the 'Dads Army' image?

    And I am sure there are plenty more.

  13. I have recently been asked by a work colleague - "Do they teach/allow you to 'shoot guns' in the TA?"

    WTF?!?!?!??! :roll: