It Really Is Free!!! MCITP, CompTIA Security+

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by partyr, Aug 19, 2011.

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  1. For those of you about to receive notification of redundancy JBC is now offering a resettlement package with no training fee, therefore you can spend your whole £534 on something other than IT Training. For more info on this offer please PM me or visit the JBC website, IT Training and recruitment for careers in the IT industry and I will explain the package in more detail. As a reminder of the job market out there, we have ran 4 courses so far this year, and of those available all have gained employment in the IT Industry.
  2. Can I do a free course, even though I'm already a Strawberry?
  3. Go on then I'll bite, what is a strawberry (and I hope you're not going to say a fruit)?
  4. Strawberry Mivvy - civvy
  5. Righto, if you have any ELC's left, I can put together an MCITP package for you for 5 weeks residential training, as long as they are the upper tier, or a Remote Access Learning package if lower tier, depends on your IT experience Smudge and what you wish to achieve.
  6. I don't have any ELCs.
  7. I've got ELCs. I've been out a year and have just been made redundant so have plenty of time on my hands.
  8. I left in 99, never did resettlement for some I must have a load of ELCs :)
  9. Don't think you would have been given them then Cabana (I used to love that choccy bar). If my thinking is right they did not come out until 2001/2. I may be wrong but google it and have a look at their website.
  10. I remember there was some credit thing going on, but I think they were just for a year, so any sort of credit I had would have long gone into thin air. Can't really remember as for some reason I was just interested in drinking at that point.

    Sadly I never had a cabana bar! Yorkie man meself :)
  11. Ha ha, ok. But I think your credits were (and still are) Standard Learning Credit, worth up to £175 a year.
  12. So, the course isn't free then?
  13. Free you say? Free, as in you will gain your certifications without incurring any personal expense?

    Or do you mean, we wont charge you a training fee but will charge you a slightly higher amount for accommodation and exams? In effect still getting the same overall course fee.

    Please also keep in mind that if you are not charging a training fee, that guys will not be able to use their ELC or IRTC grant towards the overall cost of the course as they can only be claimed against training fees.
    Fine for those who manage to claim the N.S and D.S (accommodation and meals) allowances to help offset course costs, but with the recent tightening of the belts, this is becoming increasingly difficult to get authorized for most, especially for those who have done less than their 22 years.
  14. Fatboy, our course has always been tied accommodation, the cost of this does not alter for the redundancy personnel, therefore they can use their IRTC grant toward further training in whatever they wish. The ELC element would be used for further Microsoft modules by Remote Access Learning, this is a proven method in students achieving the upper MCITP qualification in either Enterprise or Server Administrator. ELC can also be used to pay for the three Microsoft modules being taught in our current resettlement course, effectively a 5 week residential course. I understand the tightening of budgets having left last year as a FSA in the Army, but until the JSP is altered, ALL service personnel are entitled to NS and DS regardless. Since I have been in this job, looking in from the other side, I can see that this is having an effect, especially on RN personnel, but it must be emphasised to all Service Leavers exactly what their enititlements are by the relevant HR personnel.
  15. What I was mainly getting at is that you are implying that the courses are free, but they are not free. They are the same cost they've always been, just funded by using the D.S and N.S allowances without the need of the IRTC grant. No harm in that I suppose, just sales talk.I'm assuming then that these allowances fund the first part of the courses you linked, which is the 4 week MCITP Enterprise Support certification. The Win 7 version of the MCDST course. 4 weeks is a lot of time to give up from your GRT allowance to only achieve such a basic certification. Most commercial providers would deliver this over 10 days to 2 weeks. You also have the disadvantage that the majority of Enterprise and other business are still running XP and Server 2003 and will be for some time.