It Really Is Better Down Under


Well, at least to judge by this young lady. Beccy Cole is an Australian singer (and deadly gorgeous to boot). She has made a new song/video in response to a fan of hers that upbraided her for visiting Aussie troops in Iraq. The fan said he would take down her posters and never listen to her music again, because of her support for Australia's soldiers.

Beccy chose to lose a fan and to continue to support Australia's troops. A fine lady that is not only beautiful and talented, she certainly has her priorities right.

Her site is at and the video can be viewed for free there.

Go Diggers!

*Edited, because when it comes to electronic thingies, I'm a bit of a mong.
I am now officially a fan of hers after reading that.

I'm going to try to get my girlfriend and sister to listen to her instead of that Robbie Williams garbage.

Good to see some people still believe in doing what is right and not what would be more popular with others.
Watched Beccy do her bit in Iraq last Xmas, really nice woman, the show she got her gitar out and did an impromptu singalong in a best kareoke style. Good entertainment from a very talented entertainer.
Beccy is outstanding; voice, looks and support for the Aussie troops.She will go far. Poster Girl is a beautiful song.
Trevelez said:
Beccy is outstanding; voice, looks and support for the Aussie troops.She will go far. Poster Girl is a beautiful song.
I'll second that , a rare talent indeed :D
Just a question, is there any main stream shops selling this single in the UK? Can we find them, and somehow force this sound into the UK top 20? If all members of Arrse went out and purchased this sound, would this stand a chance of getting it into the UK Top 20?

If we could do this, it might just show some of our "musicial" people what rearly matters?

With 21315 members well take some for trolls multipul ids etc, but still a hefty number I think we could get it in there somewhere
Now to find a shop that sells this single in the Uk? And to get as many members as possible to all go out and buy it in the same week........


How are the Official UK Charts compiled?

A. The Official UK Charts Company uses a sophisticated computer system that takes retail sales information from any UK store selling in excess of 100 pieces of audio or video per week (excluding garages and mail order clubs).

Over 5,800 retailers (including all the major high street chains, approximately 600 independent stores and all major internet retailers) are linked to a central computer that reads the barcodes of every item as it is sold. These contributing outlets create the 'Universe' or 'Charts panel'.

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Wow, she's not only quite good looking but she's close enough in age that I don't feel like a huge perv for fantasizing about her... :)
Tango34_UK said:
And now a member of Radio 1 is dating a Soldier, can't this be used to our advantage..... :)
Er, whos that then?
Have pledged £100 to BBC's Children in Need should they have the courage to play "Poster Girl" during the Radio 2 Music Marathon today.

Have dedicated it to all British and Australian forces on operations.

Not holding my breath.

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