Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by dave2927, Nov 1, 2006.

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  1. I would appreciate it if an IS OP could advise me on what Civvy companies are looking for on the IT side, so that i can prepare myself for my resettlement programme.

    many thanks
  2. Im in the IT Biz and whats good is anything with CISCO/Networking

    If you have ITIL (green or blue badge) and PRINCE2, also good to get before you leave.

    For support, exchange is moving up, so is any SQL Server
  3. The ability to press Ctrl, Alt and Delete
    To be able to unplug the comuter then plug it back in
    The ability to change a printer cratrdige in under a minute
    The ability to say "Hello helpdesk"
    Big thick glasses and a head shaped like a cone


    I could go on all day
  4. Depends what type of job your after and the area you will settle in could have more type of job than another
  5. LOL. Bully, as ever, your originality is startling! Like the other brethren with knee-jerk anti-IS reactions, you're going to be a wee bit disappointed when you see the job spec and training for the new Communication Systems Engineer trade! You know all that crap to do with calculating the radius of a wormhole full of marmite to the power of Nth decidels then arc-welding a 353 handset to your crypto-converted trailerhome? (er...I might have imagined that bit) It's all gone, mate. I've heard that it's going to be all stuff like routers, switches, ITIL, databases, tonnes of digital data comms, networking fundamentals, building servers, security, operating systems, DNS, SQL, web admin, messaging systems etc etc. Sound familiar - ?

    The conehead analogy is probably in the same 'sweeping statement' ballpark as "hello can't answer that as I've only been in the army 18, I know I'm a'll go off and find a Sgt"....etc etc.

    Dave 2927 - why don't you go to somewhere like and search to see what skills are in demand in your area. It all depends whether you're into 'systems', 'networks', security, convergence technologies, helpdesk work, hardware or office support or other subsets of the industry. The IT, or more precisely, the IS industry is absolutely huge so it's hard to distill in-demand skills down to a simple, small list.

    Looking at the popular resettlement courses on at the moment, I reckon your choices are to either go down the CCNA/Network+ route or go for Microsoft MCSE/MCSA. Both are pretty hard in their own right and you'll need to put a significant amount of work in. One of our lads just gained his MCSE and N+ at Skills Gap and he said it was excellent but still difficult.
  6. Which is similar to asking what skills a civvy should need to be a soldier?

    You'd probably ask which corps / job spec, etc.

    So, What kind of company do you want to work for - sector / role?

    The advice on ITIL / Prince is useful, but really does not apply in every environment.

    PM me and I'll try to find a presentation I gave about three years ago on military to civilian IS/IT skills mapping and trends that apply.

  7. I forgot one. The ability to bite to a blatant wind up. Now go play doom or whatever it is you geeks do in your free time :p
  8. didn't like that did you, kiddo? Nothing stings like the dagger of honesty, eh? To be honest you're better off trying a more subtle wind-up. It's not my fault you've been bullied all your career for being a wiener and I can understand why it probably fills you with glee to jump on a bandwagon slagging off a tradegroup. However, you just have to accept that information systems is your future now. Don't shoot the messenger...that is if you can actually safely fire a weapon, of course.

    Playing Doom? Er...not really my cup of tea to be honest. It all sounds rather geeky - I'll leave that to you amateurs. :twisted:
  9. Listen i'm just happy for the first time ever there's somebody getting it worse than us techs. I like you geeks really, you come in dead handy for software and spares. And those of you who feel you are the only thing left for the corp really does cheer me up on a cold night especially when you're running about trying to fix an IT system that is only used for the staff officers to send funny emails to each other.
  10. Is that after you've been tasked by the TA YofS to move a telephone line, your sole contribution for the weekend :D
  11. Never happened. I put em in the right place first time. And if they need moving thats what we have Inst techs for. And i've never met a TA YofS. :p
  12. Och...I'm just jesting anyway. :wink: But just wait until you see the new trade spec. Prepare to be amazed/shocked/smug/angered...etc.
  13. I know what you're on about but dont think it'll happen to be honest. We need techs just as we need IS Engineers. Would make me laugh if they combined the trades as it would basically put us where we were 5 years ago
  14. Ha, you will do next year. All regular regiments & Sqns have just been affiliated with TA units. I'm told this means we get to play together in peace time, could be a right barrel of laughs (or open warfare)
  15. That actualy makes sense as a lot of the TA guys who work in the industry in civvy street are getting their hands on a lot more upto date equipment. Unlike us regs who have only just moved on from 2 cans and a bit of string.