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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Ghost_Rider, May 14, 2006.

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  1. Currently, I am in the process of producing quite a lengthy document for work. It occurred to me that some people make life a little bit too complicated for themselves. I was looking through various examples of other military documents to try and structure what I am doing, when the following struck me...

    Has anyone ever wondered why people insist on putting "This page Intentionally Blank" on the reverse of pages in a document? Surely, the act of typing that phrase means that it becomes "non-blank", and therefore a bit of a pointless exercise. Perhaps more to the point is the fact that by adding the phrase to the back of the page, you are causing more work than if you simply left it single-sided; photocopying would take half the time, and therefore actually save energy. So why do people insist on still doing it?

    Perhaps it is the military way of injecting a little irony into daily life - every time I see the phrase written on a page, I can feel a wry smile creep over me. Am I just being pedantic, or has anyone else any other examples of quirks like this?

    Ghostie the pedant.
  2. They had it on exam papers when I woz in skool innit.
  3. Signs I know its slightly of thread but there really are two many signs don't you think, for example there is a sign on the water boiler at work that says caution hot water, FFS isn't that the point?
    or caution door opens out? WTF its either gonna be out, in or both not rocket science is it, I heard about (may be balls)a sign on a micro-wave that said caution do not dry pets in here? that cant be for real
    I blame the French but then again I blame the French for everything.
  4. Come down to my office next time you are on days mate. I have a salt sachet from my visit to the states. It has written on it.


    Contains Salt
  5. Much like buying coffee from McDonalds....

    Says on the cup "Caution - Contents May Be Hot"

    Fcuking better be.....if I wanted a frappecino frozen coffee, I'd have ordered one!!!!!!
  6. :D Thinnest excuse ever to stop working and post on Arrse.

    Hallveg its the septics and the woman who sued McDs because her coffee was hot 8O :?

    Fair do's though I didn't realise she had skin grafts and 8 days in hospital 8O
  7. Saw the phrase in a sheridan tank manual it made me chuckle but I thought it was just to organise the pages for printing and binding.
    Also later saw it in my red book bit I believe that was to prevent removing pages you did not like, which dosen't work I suppose if you have a printer. :?
  8. Best one is the motorway LED signs that say "This sign is not working".

    I beg to fcuking differ :)
  9. :lol: :lol: :lol: i nearly pissed meself when i say that one.
  10. Why do you say "This sign is not working" ?? Does your missus look at you a bit odd?
  11. Doh!! but you know what i mean, now inthe greatist of Naafi traditions i'm not going to edit my post so feck ya
  12. Actually (dragging my own thread off topic slightly!), I know several people who have severe allergies to nuts. Consequently, creating dinner menus when considering someone such as that can be difficult. What led me to come closest to suffer a bout of Tourette's syndrome in Tesco's one evening was, having developed the habit of reading the label of every item I pick up in the shop, I noticed the following warning on a packet of snacks:

    Chocolate Peanuts: Warning! This product may contain traces of nuts.

    Well, no sh1t Sherlock! I should f**king well hope so! If I wanted to buy a packet of chocolate, I'd look for a packet labelled Chocolate!!
  13. Warning! This product may contain traces of nuts.


    It says the same thing on the way in to Blandford!
  14. That sign come from a dark moment in American History. A woman won a lawsuit she filed against McDonalds because she spilled coffee on herself. McDonalds had to pay her, make a formal apology, and put that warning in all of its establishments.

    A better one is on Preperation H - "Warning: Do not take this orally"
  15. It's gone now, but I always used to laugh at the brown heritage sign that used to be on the roundabout at the start of the A14 as you get off the M1.

    It pointed down a small byroad and said

    "Secret Garden"