It looks like dreams do come true......

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Thai_exile, Aug 14, 2012.

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  1. Hi Jarrod! Tom does care for you after all.....

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    As seen in the Australian newspaper "The Age"
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  2. how did jarrod get the lock off toms chastity belt????????????
  3. Photoshopping is well beyond my capabilities or desires, I can assure you! Couldn't resist posting it when I saw it!
  4. Why were you googling Jarrod?
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  5. How do you know he wasn't Googling Tom? Or "padlocks, chain, love"?
  6. Tom does post on my facebook i'm fully aware of his love for me. It's a bit like MDN was with Natalie Imbuglia. At present he's too busy to respond to my dinner date requests but i'm sure he will do as soon as things settle after the olympics.
    I plan something very romantic, deep and meaningful for our first date.
  7. Judging by the picture you could both be a bit rusty .
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  8. A bit of WD40 and he'll be fit for use over and over again. I'm sure my 'key' will fit his 'lock'
  9. If not I am sure you could prise him open.
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  10. I f'kin bet!!
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  11. I hope for Jarrods sake he can turn young Tom. Looks like he has a girlfriend.
  12. If he's not i'm not and I am so he is.
  13. I think Rohypnol will win that argument.
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  14. tell you what would work. roofies and bumming him. or maybe get him pissed on jagermeister, then bum him

    Don't you live in Wakefield? Where are you when I need you.....