IT Jobs Going Going Gone in the UK

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ukdaytona, Oct 8, 2008.

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  1. Following on the heels of EDS' announcement today that just under 3500 IT jobs will be cut in the UK in over the next 2 years, Barclays has announced plans to cut 2000 IT jobs in UK and recruit 1500 in Singapore so by the time the credit crunch does turn, there wont be any skills left in the UK.....

    Barclays is hiring a further 1,500 staff in Singapore to run its growing technology centre there. The news comes as Barclays works on a programme to cut 2,000 technology staff in the UK to save money.

    Frits Seegers, chief executive of the bank's global retail and commercial banking arm, told local reporters, "We picked Singapore to be the technology heart for Barclays. We will put the high-value jobs in Singapore, as it offers the quality staff we need."

    Barclays is now ploughing cash into three Asian technology centres located in Singapore, Shanghai and the Indian city of Pune.

    A new technology centre in Singapore will support the group's retail and commercial banking businesses globally.

    Barclays has already hired about 110 staff for the new centre and it plans to hire a further 300 to 400 by the end of next year. The headcount will rise to 1,500 within five years, Seegers told the local Straits Times.

    Barclays already employs 2,500 in its investment banking and wealth management businesses in Singapore.

    "We have to be where the people are," Seegers said. "Asia has a 2.6 billion population and this is where we want to be".
  2. In the US we're exporting even menial jobs overseas. Several fast food chains have begun experimenting with exporting the order-taking at drive throughs. When you stop your car to order a Big Mac, you'll be talking to someone in New Delhi...
  3. This has to be a wah, surely? How does this save money?
  4. It won't make any difference... with the $3 microphones and speakers they use they will be equally unintelligible and your order will be utterly fucked up in exactly the same way... Trust me... :roll:
  5. Having re-read this and realised it's about EDS, I've discovered I don't give a shit; I hope they go bust, the useless bunch of paperchasing twats. Hopefully Crapita, Logica and all the other useless IT providers who have been living high on the hog on taxpayers' money and delivering non-functional systems will follow them. :x

    And breathe!