It is time to put Britain before EU

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Powerslave, Oct 27, 2009.

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  1. Gets my Vote. Where do I sign..?
  2. Shall I get the gun pa?
  3. Not to mention the absolute BILLIONS given to the corrupt undemocratic monster since the 1st January 1973.
  4. What you mean put Britain before the EU the way France does for France and Germany does for Germany.
  5. That will never happen in Britain,especially with politicians like Mandleson (and before him the Kinnocks)in the EU's pocket.

    It was never was explained how Mandleson paid off his mortgages,was it?.I wouldn't even dream of thinking of the words backhander or bung.
  6. I am in complete agreement with that which you have vouchsafed.
  7. I fear the poster of this thread may be 'visited' by the 'Thought Police - Stasi/Gestapo) of Commissar Brown.

    How can anyone doubt the efficacy of an unelected, unaccountable, inauditable organisation such as the European National Socialist Soviet Union?

    Nobody in Britains' current political firmament has the guts to say what a disgraceful shower of shit the entire European misadventure is.

    PS: If you put Britain first, that will adversely affect Bliar's 'presidency' - what a ****ing pity!?

    PPS. The * above is: fvcking, got that - fvcking!
  8. Erm, its time for a referendum too, but I wont be holding my breath.

    EDIT: On the whole EU I mean not the lisbon treaty/constitition/lie.
  9. And the EU, like all politicians everywhere, says: "We understand your misgivings and worries, but just pay up, suckers!". That's what you get when you're in a *cough* "representative democracy".

  10. Funny that about paying off the mortgage, when I paid mine off, from my gratuity it was explained to me that I may have to explain to the authorities where I managed to lay my hands on £42,000, as it could have been from illegal activities. Wonder if he was asked the same question.
  11. When I got my mortgage they were reluctant to give me it due to being a soldier as they deemed me a bad financial risk, then when I tipped up a deposit of 100 grand plus from many years of hard savings and wise investments I was investigated for money laundering.

    I was able to produce ALL relevant paperwork (Going back almost 20 years) Strange that a mere squaddie was able to do this but not a nuumber of government ministers.

    Back to the thread... f*ck the EU and all who sail in her!
  12. Back to the thread... f*ck the EU and all who sail in her!

    Yep. Can you think of any other organisation that:

    -Was founded on lies?
    -Has increasingly obtained powers by non democratic means?
    -Is run by politicians rejected by the ballot box?
    -Is so corrupt that its own accountants haven't signed the books for over a decade?
    -Is run by an elite, sticking two fingers up to voters?
  13. Sounds a bit like the old totalitarian governments of the Soviet Union
  14. We are well placed as an island, we should have island mentality and fcuk the EU.